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Syeda Tasneem Rumy
Syeda Tasneem Rumy
Sep 12, 2009
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We started our journey in this CSE department on 14th August 2003 with a total of 35 students and now its 18th July 2009, the time for us to leave.  It has been almost 6 years in Jahangirnagar University, from 2003 to 2009 and it’s amazing how quickly everything ended and we did not even realize. Whenever we had our classes postponed due to any political issues, students’ or teachers’ strike, we used to become frustrated and asked one another that, “when shall we complete our honors? We can’t wait to get out of here.” And suddenly now it has all ended. No more classes to attend, no more exams to give, no more panicking for tomorrow’s exam, no more waiting outside the class room for the teacher to come and no more our teachers will scold us for not doing assignments or coming to class late.  

Though it seems very unreal, that we will no longer be here as students of honors and be mentored by our beloved teachers, but I am glad to realize that, we have left behind a wonderful memory that we shall all cherish from this day onwards, till we die. We will surely tell stories to our children and grand children, how we entered the department, how did our teachers teach us, what words of our teachers gave us the motivation to do better in our studies, how we studied in groups or individually, how we struggled to learn and apply our knowledge, how we helped one another in academic issues as well as personal, how we participated, in cultural programs, sports, debate, programming contests and organized them, how we enjoyed the study tour and picnic together with our teachers and friends. The list is inexhaustible. It’s not possible to express everything. And not everything can be expressed in words.

We took admission here as fresh students knowing almost nothing about computers, which is one of the most complicated machine that human has ever created. As days went by, we gradually started to learn the fundamentals of this technology starting with the course computer fundamentals and electronic circuits, to the design of operating systems, VLSI and programming in assembly language. There were more than 50 theoretical courses throughout our 8 semesters of honors curriculum, including the lab courses and Thesis work. That’s a huge number and we can say that we have passed all of them successfully. Without the blessings of the almighty Allah, we could not have come this far.

We came from different districts of our country to the CSE department of Jahangirnagar University to acquire specialized knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering. We had varied backgrounds and culture, differing ideas and knowledge. But when we united here at CSE department, and studied together being mentored by our highly knowledgeable teachers, we began to acquire new and fascinating knowledge about computers and various other co-curricular subjects and adopted a new culture and a new way of thinking, We made new friends, learned new things and we are extremely grateful to our university for giving us all the facility to utilize the electronics and computer labs and exercise our practical knowledge. While we studied here, our lives were influenced by every single person who is related to this department including all our teachers, official staffs, our senior and junior brothers and sisters. We are grateful to them all.

However, besides all the gratitude we feel for this department, we also try to suppress a miserable pain in our hearts. If only we were able to solve some of the shortcomings of our department, it could have been one of the best universities in Bangladesh, or probably in this whole world.

If we can actually brainstorm the root causes for this failure of our CSE department to become an outstanding department, we’ll possibly find out 12 major causes which I want to focus in detail with all due respect to all my fellow teachers and all students of our department.

  1. The course content of our honors curriculum is not updated with the development of new technology.
  2. Teaching methods should include insight into latest technology and new ideas relating to computers to keep us up-to-date.
  3. Lack of knowledge about the current situation of the software industry in Bangladesh as well as abroad.
  4. The lack of motivation to do assignments and projects with latest tools or programming languages.
  5. Skipping of important or relevant topics from our course curriculum to shorten syllabus.
  6. Loss of moral values and perusing illegal means for passing exams and getting good grades.
  7.  Consistent support and facility for students who participate in programming contents.
  8. Insufficient books in our seminar library.
  9. Beaurocraticredtapism and political influence in our department to disrupt our normal academic workflow.
  10. Insufficient extracurricular activities to improve our knowledge and motivate our spirits as software engineers and programmers.
  11. No thought were given by the authority to provide internet facilities to the halls.
  12. Communication gap between teachers and students.




Before I conclude my speech, there are a few things I would like to say for my fellow junior brothers and sisters who are the future computer engineers from our department. We bet you all struggling hard to learn every single course in each semester. In the beginning of each new day, always remember why you came to study in this department. The way you expect benefit from studying here, similarly this department also needs to benefit from your activities, tomorrow. This is a public university that you are all studying and a large amount of its expenses are met from the earnings of the citizens of our country from all walks of life. So, if we think deeply we can realize that we are indebted to them. We therefore need to return that favor by becoming good sons and daughters of our country, i.e. successful computer engineers.  And this is what we came here for. So never forget this. In this early stage of your life it is very important for all of you to set your target, “what you want to be” and “how you want to lead your life”.  

Secondly, I want to tell my fellow junior brothers and sisters that, “Learn while you have time”. It means, do not waste your time on trivial and unimportant things while you could have used your time well if you had read a book or browsed the internet to learn new technology or solutions. The knowledge that you are gaining today will benefit you for the rest of your life, it will be the source of your income in future if you use it well and moreover, it will benefit the future generations if you can teach others what you have learned. Your knowledge is only yours. Nobody can take it away from you. 

Thirdly, I would advice all of you to collaborate while you study. The courses of computer science and engineering are highly technical and detailed. It has a huge syllabus, and I believe that it’s not possible for everyone to fully understanding each subject unless someone is extraordinary on their own. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that, if we can study and share our knowledge together, nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible and we can each become extraordinary. Whenever you face any problem seek help from your friends, or senior brothers and sisters, and in most cases you may need to take the help of the internet and search for what you need. Read books of different types and do not hesitate to seek help from our teachers when all other sources fail.

Fourthly, never step back when you are given a challenge of programming or solving any problem or assignments. First try yourself and if you fail then seek help. Do not give up and do not cheat from others. In fact cheating will never benefit you in the long run. If you do want to learn things then do it from your heart. You’ll succeed. Always try to read a lot, understand and discuss with your friends what you have learned.  Keep yourself up-to-date with latest happenings in the computer industry of this world. Try to read computer magazines and articles on the internet for entertainment. This will help you a lot.

All these words are not just advices for the sake of giving advice.  They are special guidance and prayers for my loving brothers and sisters who really want to become the best computer engineers from our department. Our seniors also gave us good advices and told us that the professional lives as computer engineers in Bangladesh is very difficult and competitive. There are not many jobs that are paying you good salary at the start of your career. You need to be a real good software engineer or programmer to take your lead in the software industry in Bangladesh and abroad. There is actually no shortcut to becoming a good engineer. So, do try hard and give your best efforts with honesty. We need to educate ourselves with right knowledge and under proper guidance, so that we can serve our country well and take part in the technological development of our country.  Today, we all see that the CSE students of BUET and Dhaka University get preferences in the job market.  But why not students from Jahangirnagar CSE ? Why do our students get lower ranks in programming contests compared to the students of BUET? We have knowledgeable teachers and talented students, then why are we lagging behind? We need to realize and find out the answers and work together to resolve our deficiency in a cooperative manner. No one is perfect and no one is born genius. We need to work hard to reach our goal and I am sure you all can do it, if you only try hard together. The communication gap between our teachers and students should decrease so that our teachers will become our friends and we will not be afraid to discuss our problems with our teachers, and our teachers will also be happy to help us whenever we need.

With all due respect for all the teachers who taught us and helped us to learn throughout our honors curriculum, we express our heartiest gratitude for all. We’ll never forget the encouragement of our teachers, to motivate us in giving our best efforts, and the times we enjoyed solving critical problems and assignments together while staying awake the whole night. We have spent a very precious time of our lives here at the CSE department of Jahangirnagar University. There are probably many things we could not complete many things we did not learn completely, there were many works which we could not do satisfactorily due to the short duration of each semester. Yet, we feel the satisfaction and pride to be the students of CSE department at Jahangirnagar, as it’s our second home and we all believe that most of us will try our best stay in touch with our teachers and our junior brothers and sisters. Whenever our brothers and sisters need our help, we’ll try our best to be at their side. Though it’s a crucial truth that, as time goes by, we’ll all get busy with our professional lives, yet we believe that we should be able to make some time to help our brothers and sisters as much as possible.  We wish you all the best and hope that you all shall create a shining future for our country and this world. No matter what profession you seek in future, keep your honesty and stick to the moral values in every step. You will always get success in your way.

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