Apple Slams Windows 7 in Ads

Tracy Pettigrue
Tracy Pettigrue
Oct 24, 2009
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By Daniel Ionescu

Oct 23, 2009 7:59 pm

Not only Microsoft is celebrating the launch of Windows 7 with some new ads, but Apple is also taking a stab at the introduction of the new OS, in its usual deprecating manner.

Microsoft on Thursday introduced to the world the new Windows 7 operating system, which despite mixed reviews, is set to break retail records. To celebrate, Microsoft also launched new a new Windows 7 ad.

The 'My Idea" ad for Windows 7 presents a series of PC users who talk about how they wanted an easier OS, with less clicks and more speed. The ad is less patronizing than previous ones and is a step ahead of the Laptop Hunters series, which took a stab at Apple's expensive hardware; and it even has a naughty word at 00.17.

Given that everybody is talking about Windows 7 this week, Apple tried to steal Microsoft's launch aura, first by introducing new hardware on Tuesday and then with a three-ad series taking the ridiculing Windows 7 on Thursday.

The first ad, "Broken Promises," ridicules Microsoft's promise that Windows 7 will be better than Vista, echoing previous statements for Windows XP, ME, and way back to Windows 2. The PC character even has his hair back towards the end of the ad.

Apple's 'Teeter Tottering' ad shows a Windows XP user ready to switch to a Mac, because Windows 7 requires a fresh start anyway. The PC character tries to sway her way, but in the end, as expected, the Mac wins.

The last Apple ad is titled "PC News" and shows the PC character as a news anchor, going live to what it turns out to be a bunch of Mac switchers. This makes the PC try to cut to commercials, even though the Mac character points out that this actually is a commercial.

We have yet to see whether Microsoft will come up with different ads that will attack Apple again, but it sure looks like Apple is not backing down -- especially as it wasn't very happy about the Laptop Hunters campaign.


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