Capitalism vs Socialism

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Tina S
Tina S
Dec 2, 2009
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Communism is a world of abundance, where people together hold all of society's resources in common.But these socialized productive forces are privately controlled. A capitalist class of owners appropriates the results of production as private, capitalist property.But these socialized productive forces are privately controlled. This is the fundamental problem in the world. Socialism is not a big welfare state that looks after people.

No single country executes a pure form of capitalism. Even the United States employs a hybrid economic system, comprised mostly of capitalist ideologies, with a generous sprinkling of socialism thrown in. Socialism, as an economic system of its own, typically does not exist as a pure system, either.

Socialism is the evolutionary middle ground between capitalism and communism. Think of the three systems as being on the path of a pendulum, capitalism at one extreme, and communism at the other extreme. Socialism is like the vertex of the pendulum, where the momentum is carrying it always to the other side.

Capitalism means freedom. It means you get to decide what to do with what you earn and own.
Capitalism is the world’s dominant economic system. Within it, the means of production and distribution are owned by individuals: private ownership and free enterprise are believed to lead to more efficiency, lower prices, better products and rising prosperity.

Socialism, on the other hand, removes the right to private property, in an effort to create a society less defined by class distinction.

Socialism advocates the ownership and control of the means of production and industry by the community as a whole: the community is believed to be both more just and more efficient through central planning.

The whole world knows that capitalism works and socialism is a failure. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union shout this truth across the globe.

•    Capitalist countries are free and prosperous,
•    Socialist countries are enslaved and impoverished.

Capitalism delivers growth; socialism delivers equality.

Capitalism is the BEST:

That, I think, is the best defense that the market economy can ever hope for—that people look around and ponder the amazing things and opportunities that entrepreneurs and businesses have given the world during the last 200 years. Just look around at the health, the wealth, the technologies, the opportunities, and the food on your plates.
The amazing fact is that entrepreneurs and innovators and businesses have turned luxuries that not even kings could afford into low-priced everyday items at your local store. That is the best defense of capitalism.
By the capitalism the rich are getting richer, but so are the poor. The poor are only relatively poorer, relative to the rich, who are rich beyond the wildest dreams of anyone living a century ago. The poor are super-rich compared to the poor a century ago.

Why hated Capitalism?

Most Americans over 50 were taught that “capitalism” was better than “socialism,” and that America was “capitalist.” More recently, “capitalism” has fallen out of favor. Few people today are willing to identify themselves as defenders of capitalism. Capitalism is not trendy in our day.

A self-identified “socialist” is far more likely to get a teaching position at a major university than one who openly defends “laissez-faire capitalism,”

The story is told of the six blind men who offered descriptions of an elephant. Each was viewing only a part of the animal, one feeling the trunk, another the tail, another the huge legs, etc., and their varied descriptions of “an elephant” reflected their limited investigation.

Most descriptions of capitalism” (particularly by those who attack it) are as far from reliable as those of the blind men. More ironically, the blind critics of capitalism are not only viewing only a part of the economic animal, but they are actually describing themselves, with one socialist critic of “capitalism” describing his own leg, another socialist critic of “capitalism” describing his own ear, etc. In other words, most criticisms of “capitalism” are criticisms of policies which are completely un-capitalistic, or they are pointing to problems created by socialism, not capitalism.

The proletariat is the class that emerges in capitalist society on the basis of these socialized productive forces. The proletariat represents the cooperative labor and cooperative efforts that correspond to the socialized nature of the productive forces. The proletariat has the material basis and occupies the material position to bring about a radically different way of organizing production and society as a whole.

Now what is socialism?

Socialism is not a big welfare state that looks after people. It is not the old capitalist economy simply taken over by a state. Socialism is a transition from capitalism to communism, to classless society.
Socialism is about the proletariat, in alliance with its allies who make up the great majority of society, consciously transforming the economic structures, social relations, and ideas that perpetuate social and class division. It is about unleashing the creativity and initiative of those who had been on the bottom of society.
The socialist revolution establishes a new economy based on social ownership of the means of production and social planning; on people cooperating to solve problems and to meet social need; and with a whole new set of economic and social priorities.

Socialism is the political face of a caring society. It is a system of thought which puts people first. By contrast, capitalism puts capital or money first.
Although capitalists would argue that by letting markets drive investment a more efficient social model is created which can be funded by private money, in reality, private money is interested only in profit and in people only to the extent that people can help to increase profits.
Socialism is as important today as it has always been. It responds to the altruism which is a natural trait in all of us. The vast majority of people, if not all, would prefer to live in a fair, just and humane world. Only socialism can deliver that.So I prefer Socialism is better than Capitalism.

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