How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter?

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Ahmed R
Ahmed R
Oct 6, 2009
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Rating: 5 Ahmed R , How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter? Ahmed R , How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter? Ahmed R , How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter? Ahmed R , How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter? Ahmed R , How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter?

How I became a Bangladeshi freedom fighter? 

The Language Movement of 1952 to recognize Bangla as a state language may be termed as the first step towards the separation or independents.

The war against Pakistan Army is to liberate East Pakistani Common people for their economic repression and poverty from imperialist aggregation of Pakistani big bourgeois. In 1965, we students of East Pakistan was very  much united  while the war of Indo-Pak started.  The student front and people of  the then East Pakistan was totally united against  INDIA. But just within five years how the total political situation of East Pakistan terns into such hostile which cannot be imagined. Though the total blame should go to Pakistani  military administration, mainly the Punjabi the then regime. Apart from all this, the Political community of the then East Pakistan they were ignored, not taken into account of Pakistani Military ruler. So the damage being done by them to  bring the Separation of East Pakistan in such a short time.

We the students and the commoners of East Pakistan stand behind Fethema Jinnah for democracy but the act of  Military ruler AIUB KHAN create the situation positive to the autonomy of East Pakistan. In my opinion, the root of our separation or independents lies mainly on the acts of AIUB'S regime.
In 1969 the cyclone kills many thousands  coastal people of  East Pakistan, but the then Govt. of  Pakistan couldn't  take proper action due to their ignorance to East Pakistan. All this Evil deeds of Pakistani Ruler make the propel of  East Pakistan more confident to go for their Independence.  So the Political  & mental situation of the East Pakistani people rise to the Extreme. At the same time anti Pakistani force being utilize temperament of  commoners to their
side due to tremendous  propaganda of Calcutta Radio by Deb Dulal  Bandapadhay every day, it was like to drop oil on a hot pan. Al so the Agortala case against  Shake Mujib  shaken the total community of  East Pakistan who had given  mandate to Muslim League. Political and economic deprivation of the Bengalees prompted Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, to put forward in1966 his historic six points, the "Magna Carta" which in effect structured the foundation for East Pakistan's future independence. Though except AWAMI LEAGUE most of the political parties of the then East Pakistan doesn't support the 6 points to solving economic & political difference between the two parts of Pakistan. But the political decision of MUOLANA BHASANI  to bring out SHAKE MUJIB form AGORTALA case to the people of East Pakistan make entire Bengalee community in one platform. So, the election of national assembly in 1970 all the Bengali speaking people anonymously support SHAKE MUJIB and gave the mandate. Thus he became the unquestionable leader of the East Pakistan.

In the 1970 elections, even though the
Awami League emerged as the largest party in Pakistan Parliament, it was not allowed to form the government by the ruling military junta. So, a non-cooperation movement launched against the military regime by Awami League.

Shake MUJIB declared at a historic public meeting held at Ramna Race Course on 7 March, 1971, attended by millions of people who wants the declaration of independence, but Shake Mujib keeping the hope to solve this situation under round table meeting with the military ruler. But wasting time under this round table meeting giving opportunity to the military ruler of Pakistan to crackdown peoples heartfelt desire of independents. Thus in a preplanned manner on 25th March 1971. The Pakistan army embarked on what may be termed as history's worst genocide. A military crackdown was ordered, and  Sheikh Mujib was arrested and taken away to West Pakistan.


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