How To Advertise A Website?

Advertising gives website owners a chance to introduce their website to potential customers.

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Dec 16, 2009
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After the website has been developed and created, the next problem that is attached with its completion is how to build the necessary traffic on this site to get a better ranking on the search engine’s standards. The website has to be properly promoted to make a lasting impression on the site. Otherwise, if a website remained unvisited, it becomes a “dead site” that is deemed useless.

The best way to build up a following for any website is to advertise it. Advertising gives website owners a chance to introduce their website to potential customers. It doesn't take a lot of special skills or even a lot of money to advertise a website. Some of the most effective ways are free.

Advertising a web site can seem quite daunting to the inexperienced. Not because it is necessarily difficult, but because a mistake can have significant and detrimental consequences.

If you have a limited advertising budget (everyone has a limited advertising budget), spending it all on an ad campaign that fails to produce results can easily and often does put many companies out of business.

Some tactics are given below:

1. Things you will need to drive massive traffic to your web site is: patient, time, motivation, information.

2. To drive massive traffic : start to write articles on what you know and always mention your business with showing your web site link ( great places to write articles and drive traffic,,,,,,

3. Spend a bit of time learning basic search engine optimization tactics. To advertise a website successfully, you need to have your website set up so that you will get the most traffic for your advertising efforts. Some basic things to remember are to make use of your alt tags, keywords within your text, captions for your photos and the photo's file name itself. You also want to investigate how to best set up your meta tags.

4. Obtain backlinks. Back links are where you have an active link directing people to your website from other websites. Seek out websites which may be willing to link to your website or allow you to submit an article or other form of content in exchange for you being able to reference your website. Backlinks are likely the single most important thing you can do to increase traffic when you are seeking to advertise a website.

5. Submit your website url to all the major search engines. This is where most of your traffic will likely come from so it will pay dividends for you to advertise a website simply by submitting your website url to them. They will likely ask for a short description and keywords. Make those count. Keyword density is important.

6. There are also web portals for advertising where could advertise websites free of cost. Blogs are another potential source which could be used by the website owners to advertise website free of cost. Blogs are the hot cakes of the web world and blogs have always been the favorites of search engines, besides a positive review about the website in the blog would bring in the potential crowd to the targeted website. Blogs serve as active grounds for those entrepreneurs who would want to advertise their website free of cost.

7. Design business cards. This is a great way to advertise a website. Many places online offer free business cards where you just pay for shipping and handling and any extras you may want such as higher quality card stock or photos. Vista Print is a great resource for this.

8. Great place to advertise is using video images and add your web site link, most famous web site for uploading your movies are:,, Google video, etc..

9. You can use e-mail strategy to promote your website. As we all know, almost everyone in the world now resort to electronic mail to communicate with people rather than the usual snail mailing. As such, you can venture on that by distributing article e-mail to people with your website address link embedded anywhere on the e-mail article. To the least, you can be assured that the recipients will access somehow your website.

10. Another way to advertise a website is through social medial. This method is usually free, but it does require the most time. Social media is one of the most effective ways to draw people to a website. It involves the website owner developing an online profile, and then interacting and building relationships with other people online. As a business builds up its popularity, it will see the amount of traffic on its website increasing.

11. Having a quality website, and offering what people are looking for when they arrive at a site, can improve the chances that visitors will spread the word, advertising a website for free based on their own recommendations. Posting regular updates about your website, as well as occasionally posts about you personally and regularly commenting on what others are posting, can quickly build a following. By advertising on the social media site a few times a day, depending on the platform you are using, it is possible to gain a lot of traffic for free.

12. Advertise through Networking on the web sites, like on,,,,, etc...
Just add your link to your bio and you set up to go.

13. If you are willing to spend a little amount, you can resort to paid online advertising mechanism. One of the most popular paid online advertising is the Pay Per Click along with the Pay Per Action tools.

14. If you are unwilling to spend, you can resort to website promotional strategy like social bookmarking. Through social bookmarking, you may ask your friends or your relatives to socially bookmark your site on their machine. In that case, when a friend of his visits his site, your site will also be visible on his friend’s site thus creating an online advertising campaign.

15. Send out a press release announcement if your website is news worthy. Perhaps you will even get coverage with online news sources if your content is unique enough. These places are always looking for new websites to advertise.

16. Have t-shirts, bumper stickers, pens and other promotion materials made up with your website name and url on them. Cafe Press and canteens are great places to do this yourself.

17. Join discussion forums related to your website topic. Discuss your website and refer people to it, when appropriate. Never spam but do offer it as a helpful resource when the opportunity arises. Also include your website address in your signature line.

18. Write articles for websites such as ehow. You can advertise a website by first advertising yourself as an expert in your chosen field. Once your readers trust you, they will want to check out your website. And with websites such as ehow, you can get paid to write those articles while you advertise a website. It's a win-win situation.

Some Traditional ways:

1.  Traditional media advertising, through newspaper and magazine, can be a great way to reach hundreds, if not thousands or even millions, of potential consumers with one effective advertisement. Computer and technology related magazines will be helpful for this advertisement.  Because computer knowledgeable people are the readers of these magazines. Seeking out a local magazine that connects with the site's target audience can really have a huge pay-off. Contacting the advertising department of any traditional media company can give you the details for what it would take to run an advertisement in its paper, magazine, or broadcast.

2. Television and radio are less effective tools for smaller websites to use, as they require an actual commercial to be created and then aired for a typically steep fee. It will be harder for an advertisement played on the radio or on a television station to convince people to visit the site. This is mostly because the site is not written down for them, as it would be if it were in a magazine or newspaper, making it less likely that people will remember, and then visit, the site. Though from some computer and internet related program people may visit new web site. If the TV presenter present the site nicely and pick the advantages of the site then it may be helpful. Having an easy to remember website address, and repeating it often throughout the advertisement, can help compensate for this problem.

3. Trade Shows: Usually a much targeted but relatively small audience. Trade shows can be very expensive costing anywhere from a minimum of a few thousand dollars to well into the hundred's of thousands of dollars. Because of the relatively small but highly target audience, a trade show is usually a better place to make strategic alliances than sales. Some Flee Market type shows are the exception. In any case, they will demand a significant amount of your time.

4.  Ad Agency: Will create and coordinate your advertising campaign, buy advertising slots and do all kinds of other wonderful things for you. Until recently you could get their interest for a little under a $100,000. With all the money being spent by Internet IPO financed companies it is a lot harder to hire their services these days. Once the IPO money is gone it will probably return to normal; which is still far too expensive for most of us.

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