How To Be A Good Mother

Motherhood never stop And it has no finishing line. Especially when your child still needs you.

Tina S
Tina S
Dec 27, 2009
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“Mother” is the most beautiful word in the world. Many people said that motherhood starts when you gave birth to your child. But for me, it's not. To be a good mother not an easy job. A woman should do lot of things to become a good mother. From the very begging when a woman will make sure that she is going to have a baby   inside her, of course it is much clear to her that she have a life inside who needs her love and care very much.

A mother is Changing diapers, feeding the baby, changing the clothes of the baby and cleaning all the mess is really a hard time especially if her doing all this obligations alone, but at the end of time she will realized it all worth it.

She will experience how to give effort and how to handle all that serious responsibilities to her child. Motherhood is not that easy but it is the happiest time of woman's life. Once she sees her child's growing good, kind and nice, she will again realize that all the tiredness and all the sacrifices she had done is the best thing she did in her entire life. Being a good mom to child and showing them what is good and what is bad and knowing god before anything else is the best thing that one can teach to her child.

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have. The most important thing however, that any mother can give their child, is a sense of being loved.

Here are some clues to be a good mother.

1. Express love and affection…

A child can learn how to love, how to obey, how to give importance from mother. So you should Love them unconditionally; don't force them to be who you think they should be in order to earn your love.

2. A good listener

As parents, we sometimes are quick to judge our child's actions or choice of words, that we do not hear their cries for love, attention, or help. We should listen to their feelings, reactions, and opinions. Try to understand their point of view. Look at them when they are talking to show that you are hearing their every word. Put down that book, turn off that television, stop what you are doing and listen!

3. Be patient..

Being a mother is a little challenging sometimes, especially if you have a son. But keep your cool and try to stay patient. Try this approach to other problems. Stay calm; explain the practical reasons not to do something, and then why YOU don't want them to do something.

4. Give equal priority

We should treat our kids as our equals and not as subordinates. The "do as I say and not as I do" mentality doesn't work. Teach your child how to be responsible, caring, a hard worker, patient, etc by exhibiting those characteristics within yourself. It's not too late for you to do so.

5. Help them feel safe

Respect their privacy as you would want them to respect yours; for example, if you teach your child that your room is out of boundaries to them, respect the same with their room. Allow them to feel that once they enter their room they can know that no one will look through their drawers, or read their diary.
You must give security to help them any time when they need your help. Don’t let them panic about any situation. Always be a friend that your child can share any sort of problems with you at first.

6. Be supportive, and never laugh at your kids hobbies, interests or friends..

Don't get angry, this is your child's life and they can make some of their own decisions. Understand that it's okay if your child thinks differently from you. Don't get mad because they have a different opinion to you, or your son wants to become an engineer and not a doctor. Don't laugh at them, or their friends.

7. Be able to admit that something you did may have been wrong and don't be afraid to apologize…

It might be hard, but it's better for everyone if you just admit to your mistakes and apologize. It saves everyone the trouble of being mad that you're being stubborn and teaches your kids that it's okay to make mistakes, as well as the importance of an apology. Simply calm yourself, evaluate the situation, and determine what you did wrong and why. Then apologize and explain how or why you acted the way you did.

8. Don't be tight about money.

Okay, so blowing money day after day isn't the best thing to do, but don't automatically say no to everything your kid asks for. If you always say no and follow this with a lecture about saving money, you will be known as the "Tight Parent", the one who never buys anything. Buy something small every now and then.

Even offering to purchase some candy or chips at the store can make a difference. Every now and then buy something big that you are sure your kid wants. For example, an iPod in their favorite color, or maybe a teenager would enjoy a nice computer. And be generous at birthdays; maybe buy them something they have been hinting they want for a while. You can also take them out to a special dinner, see a movie, and choose a nice gift or receive nice gifts from parents.

9. Avoid criticism by focusing on the behavior.

When your child acts out in a harmful and spiteful manner, tell him or her that such behavior is unacceptable and suggest alternatives. Avoid statements such as: "You're bad." "Go away!" etc.
Be assertive yet kind when pointing out what they have done wrong. Be stern, but not cross, when you tell them what you expect.
Avoid public humiliation. If they misbehave in public, take them aside, and scold them privately.

10. Be a Role Model - Young kids are like sponges. As parents we are our children's first role model. Pay attention to what you say or do around them and think about what kind of example you are making

• Get involved and take your kids with you to a kitchen or homeless shelter and help serve up meals.

• Teach kids about chores by setting a schedule and having them help you out. Don't tell your child to do something, but ask for their help

• Show them you can listen to them.

• If you want your son or daughter to learn to share, set a good example and share your things with them.

A child really needs mentally support and dependency from mother from very early. If a child doesn’t get these from very early he/she will never come for any help to her/his mother. My above points are really very important for a child.

Author's note: I feel very much the importance of a good mother. A supportive, realiable mother can help to minimize any sort of difficulties in life. If anyone don't feel safe in her own home then think what she feel about the whole world ... Giving clothing, food and shelter are not the end of responsibilities of a mother...
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