How To Get Rid Of Bruises Fast!

by Nathalie Lussier on Monday, October 24th, 2005

Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson
Mar 21, 2011
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We all get bruises all the time, let’s face it we’re busy people and we don’t always pay attention to where we’re going. So that means we get these blue and purple patches under our skin and it’s quite painful! Children as especially prone to this kind of bruises because of their more active lifestyle. But I’ve also noticed that women who are in their period also get bruised more easily. Now what can be done to help heal these bruises as quickly as possible? There are 3 simple methods that can help remove bruises!

Obviously to remove bruises we could just avoid getting them in the first place. Just watch where you’re going more closely and be careful not to make any movements too forcefully. But what if it’s too late? Well now it’s time to bust out these three easy tips and tricks to make your skin and flesh heal really quickly after getting bruised.
The first step once you notice a bruise is simple: apply ice to it. This might seem kind of silly or just too easy, but it works amazingly and it really makes a difference in the amount of time it takes to heal your bruises. To apply ice to your bruises, first make some ice using your freezer. Then place a few ice cubes into a ziplock bag. If it is too cold to place the bag directly onto your flesh, wrap a towel around the bag of ice. Keep the ice on your bruise for at least ten minutes. Then you can let your bruise thaw out for about 10 more minutes, and put your ice bag back into the freezer. Repeat as often as possible for you.
The next magical formula for healing bruises is to apply Arnika Gel. This gel is made from a plant called Arnika. This is a gel that you simply apply to your skin. It works for bruises and muscle pains. It’s all natural and doesn’t cost very much compared to some of the other creams or gels that are on the market. The best reason to use this gel is that it will speed up the process of healing your bruises and muscles. You should reapply the gel every hour or so. But don’t forget to keep icing your bruise too. The two of these put together will increase your body’s healing capabilities a lot.
The last thing you can do to help heal is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. The reason you want to eat these healthy and natural foods is that your body will spend less energy digesting and breaking down the food you eat, and more time healing your bruises. Eat many different types of fruits of different colors: yellow, orange, red and blue. Do this because each fruit will give you different nutrients that you body might be lacking. This will also speed up your healing process. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables too, because those will help your body to clean itself out. Once you’ve cleared yourself of any negative substances, your body will be working at it’s optimum power to heal all of your aches and pains.
Now you’ve done all of the above things, but maybe you need a quick fix for your bruises. Have no fear! You can always cover up a bruise. Of course that doesn’t get rid of the pain of the bruise, but if you just want to hide the bright blue and purple colors, it will have to do. If the bruise is on your legs or arms or basically anywhere that you can cover with clothing, you’re saved. If a bruise is on your face however, you will need to get a little more creative. If you’ve done all of the above techniques and you need to be somewhere and look presentable your best bet is to apply some cover up make up.
Just dab on some foundation over the part where the bruise is. This should work nicely. But don’t think that because you can cover up a bruise you shouldn’t help make it heal faster. Applying Arnika gel and ice will make sure you don’t need to cover it up every day for weeks. You might just need to cover it up for one or two days instead.
I hope these tips will help you make your bruises heal faster. I know I used these tricks many times during my career as a competing Tae Kwon Do athlete. Bruises happen, but they don’t need to last for a long time!

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