How To Make An Excellent Cup Of Tea

my formula..:-)

Tina S
Tina S
Jan 24, 2010
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Tea is made by combining the leaves of certain plants with hot water, letting the mixture soak or steep, and then removing the leaves to leave a clear, flavored liquid. Tea can be sipped hot or served cold over ice. Both types of tea start with hot water and tea leaves.

There are different types of tea leaves, and they can be used fresh or dried. The flavor of the final product can also be controlled by the amount of time that the leaves are allowed to soak in the hot water.

A subject of great debate for centuries has been what the best way to make tea is. As a long time tea drinker here is my formula and how to make an excellent cup of tea.

The best cup of tea depends on 3 things:
    1. The freshness and quality of the tea.
    2. The Temperature and quality of the water used.
    3. The brewing time.

Method: For two people:

Step 1: At first fill a kettle or pot with fresh cold water and bring it to a rolling boil. To ensure that you get the most flavors from your tea, you must boil the water perfectly.

Step 2: Mix two teaspoon of loose tea leaves, few amount of salt, half of a clove, little piece of bay leave, and little piece of cinnamon bark. Take 5-7 minutes to make them mix. The tea leaves must mix properly.

Step 3: When leaves mix with water fully then tea is ready.

Step 4: For milk, boil liquid milk for long time. When milk is getting thick and a layer is shown then it’s ready to use. You can use powder milk with this to add extra flavor.

Step 5:
Pour tea into cups, serve with prepared milk, honey/or sugar and enjoy.

Nothing goes better with afternoon tea than some fantastic and simple tea snacks such as hot singara, chapattis, fish ball, meat ball etc.

Author's note: Use this formula and let me know how is that..
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