It Is Finished

The sixth sentence of Jesus Christ on the cross

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Apr 6, 2010
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John 19:29-30 -- A bowl was there, full of cheap wine mixed with vinegar, so a sponge was soaked in it, put on hyssop and lifted up to his lips. When Jesus had received the wine, he said, "It is finished."


What is finished? Jesus is dying. With his death, Jesus knew his passion will be over. His time of pain and suffering on the cross is finished. On another level, Jesus is proclaiming that God’s great plan for salvation has been completed. The penalty for human sin has been paid. The gap between sinful humanity and a holy God has been bridged by the sinless Jesus Christ who was fully human. Now, because of what Jesus has done, we can be reconciled to God and be saved from eternal damnation.

So we understand by this word not that Jesus is saying here, "I'm finished. I'm done. I'm ended. My life is gone. I've tried and wasn't able to do it. Now I'm going to go the way of all flesh." That is not what He meant when He said, "It is finished." But with a shout of victorious confidence, the Lord Jesus Christ is saying to us, and to God in our hearing, "The work that Thou gavest Me to do, the mission that Thou didst send Me to accomplish, is finished. It is finished!" It is a shout of victory. It is a cry of obedience, God-centered obedience. And it is a word that you and I appropriate by a living faith that God gives us as a gift. 

It Is Finished

1. A shout of victory

2. A God-centered cry

3. A believing appropriation

A shout of victory

It is a victorious cry.

Notice that Jesus does not mumble "I am finished!" - rather he shouts "It is finished!"  This is not a whimper of defeat - it is a proclamation of victory! 

Look what happened. Listen to the sound of the whips and the cracking of His flesh, the splitting of His skin. Listen to the mocking words that are given to Him. Behold the hood over His face. Hear the blows on His chin. See the soldiers lift Him up and nail His hands to the cross. A shout of victory, this? "It is finished?"

In His very last words, Jesus is in complete control. No one had more control over his death and dying than Christ did. "Father, now it is finished. Now I commit My spirit unto Thee. And I die!" It is a cry of victory, this cry of the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what it may look like to these eyes, look at it with the eyes of faith and see that this is the testimony of a victorious king. Never a word sweeter than this word spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ. No word ever more pleasing to God who commissioned Him to do this work. No word ever sweeter to the angels who, from their heavenly dwelling place, were looking down upon this work of Christ.

No word ever more terrible to the devils and the devil's hosts, who knew what this meant for them, than this word, "It is finished." No word, people of God, more blessed to believing sinners than this word that we hear tonight, "It is finished."

It does not mean that the Lord Jesus Christ is absolutely finished. He has much to do. He yet has to die. That is the seventh crossword. He is going to do that actively. He is going to commend and commit His spirit to the Father in heaven by His own work. Then He is going to go to the grave because, for us, He had to be there to break the power of the grave for our sakes so that when we go there we are not afraid. He has to rise from the dead on the third day - in power, a great victory. He needs, forty days later, to ascend into heaven.

He has all kinds of things to do. He is not finished absolutely with His work. And once He has ascended into heaven He is going to receive the Spirit. And receiving the Spirit He is going to pour it out upon the church and the church is going to be active. He is going to reach to the ends of the nations and gather in His people by the ministry of the Word. And He is going to come again and He is going to judge the world in righteousness and His people with His truth. He is going to cast the unbelievers to everlasting damnation. He is going to take up to glory all of His saints. It is finished?

A God-centered cry

But it is also a God-directed cry, a God-centered shout.

Because, when Jesus makes this cry, He is not focusing attention upon Himself. He is focusing attention upon God and the work that God gave Him to do. I get that point, and make this an entire second point of the sermon, from the passive voice of that verb that Jesus uses. He does not say, actively, "I finished it," although He could have, calling attention to Himself. Then we might suppose that Jesus was boasting. We may not interpret His cry that way at all, not only because Jesus does not boast, but because the word itself does not say that (I finished it, I have accomplished Thy will). Jesus says, in the passive voice, "It is finished."

A believing appropriation

It is not finished for everyone. It is not all put up there on a tower as it were for you who will to come and receive by your own doing. I say again, Christ knows for whom He suffered: for all of God's elect. And in God's elect is worked faith. For you who say, "He suffered for me, He suffered because of what I am, He suffered because of what I do and what I do is evil. He suffered for me because of what I am, and what I am in my own nature is evil. He suffered for me. And because God works that sorrow in me, I reach out my hands and I embrace Christ and I say, 'Christ, you said these things for me.'"

At last, He does not merely say, "it is over"

he says, "it is accomplished,



Jesus's cry isn't a cry of defeat and despair

It is a cry of success and triumph 

- even at the moment of death -

that the race has been run

that he has endured to the end

that the strife is over

and the battle is won.

Jesus' cry is a cry of relief to be sure

but it is also a cry of victory:

"The work I came to do is complete"

there is nothing more to add

"it is finished"


Author's note: Ref:The Holy Bible
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