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Syeda Tasneem Rumy
Nov 17, 2009
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It was the year 2011. Kate was an employee of a well-reputed company in New York. She used to go to her office every morning and return home in the evening. It was November 17 –Kate’s birthday. Like every other day, she was returning home in the evening, walking along the pavement of a busy street. She remembered that today was her birthday. She almost forgot, when the last time she enjoyed her birthday was.

As she gradually moved on, she got herself rapt in the deep ocean of thoughts about her past. She thought about the year 1999, when she first fell in love with her classmate Dion, in her college days at the age of 18. Those days were like heavenly dreams to Kate. Dion was tall, handsome, and talented and had lots of energy. He was jolly, helpful, and kind hearted. Every teacher and student liked him. Kate was Dion’s good friend. Both were good at their studies as well as debate. They enjoyed every moment of their college life. After they had completed their course in college, they had to diverge in different directions to pursue their higher studies. Dion bade farewell to Kate saying that he was leaving Bangladesh for Montreal in Canada to pursue his career in Chartered Accountancy. He promised he would keep in touch and thus keep their friendship intact forever. After Dion had left for Canada, she realized that, what she felt for Dion was more than just friendship. She had begun to care for him and cherish those golden days that she had spent with him. When Dion left, Kate’s heart had then filled with endless sorrow.

Dion started sending emails to Kate, writing about the new environment and new faces that he had to cope with, soon after he left. Every now and then, they used to write to each other. Kate felt happy, every time she received his letter. It was only then when she actually realized the meaning of the word, ‘love’. On birthdays, new years, friendship days, or Eids they used to exchange greetings and presents. Memories of those days were still live and vivid in her soul. Days passed by one after the other while their friendship deepened. Kate started loving Dion truly but could never put herself together to confess her love for him. Deep within, she was dying to know if Dion loved her too but his attitude towards Kate only gave her the impression that he was indifferent to her feelings. One day, Kate decided to tell Dion everything regarding her deep affection towards Dion, hoping he would accept her love for him with gratitude.

After reading Kate’s letter Dion ran to the roof and stood at its edge in. A gentle breeze touched his skin to give him the sensation of care and affection. It was evening. He could see birds fly across the sky and the sun to set far beyond the horizon. No one was around him though, yet he knew he was not alone. Kate must be thinking of him, he knew. He said to himself, “I wonder if it’s “love” that I am feeling deep within. I do not know why this desperateness is trying to engulf all my senses. I wish I could hold her soft, cold, and flimsy hands and feel her every heartbeat. I love her simplicity and all her hidden thoughts. The warmth of her soul and the innocence of her face make me feel at large. God, I love her way too much and you know it’s true. Unfortunately, I can never let her know that I cannot marry her and neither can tell her the reason why. I just pray that may she find someone special, soon enough, to fulfill her dreams and to present her a completely new world of happiness. I do not want to leave footprints on her heart. I wonder why this reality is so cruel. She will not be able to endure the shock….I know. Maybe I should write to her that I do not love her and then ask her to forget me. I chose not to keep in touch with her and maybe thus, her sorrow will subside away with time someday.”

Dion did not reply to her letter until one month after her confession of love for him. He said he never felt anything special for Kate and had always thought she was just her friend. He advised her to forget him and not to keep in touch with him at all. Reading his reply, Kate was immensely hurt. She felt as if an instant avalanche had destroyed all her hopes and dreams. She never replied to his letter again.  

Kate soon got admission in a well-reputed University of New York and therefore soon had to leave Bangladesh for New York. There she studied Environmental Science. Four years later, she completed her course and got herself a job. Meanwhile, Dion completed his course in Chartered Accountancy and found a job in New York. Both of them lived in New York but had no contacts of any kind.

It was November 17, 2011. Dion was walking down a traffic lane, wearing that white T-shirt, which Kate gave him on his birthday twelve years ago. Doin spoke to himself, “Yesterday I saw my whole world to change out of the blue with the amazing good news. The thought that was bothering me for so many years proved wrong and baseless. I feel as if I have reincarnated in to this world possessing a new life. My parents and friends are happy to know the truth. I wonder why this fate is so cruel. Now that I have every reason to tell Kate I love her truly…..but it seems I am twelve years too late. I do not know where she now is. What if she has married someone else and living a happy life. I wonder if she recognizes me at all. I know today is her thirtieth birthday but maybe I shall never be able to wish her happy birthday ever again.”

Kate was still walking but now along a traffic lane. When she regained her consciousness, she could see someone in a white T-shirt far across the distance. She felt so tired and dizzy, that she could not drag a step forward. Her throat began to dry up and she began to see everything hazy. She saw a public park nearby and carried her pace to find a place to sit there and rest for some time. She went inside the park and sat on the grass near the lake of the park. Dion saw the woman who went into the park a little while ago. She seemed familiar to him. He followed the woman into the park He became equally surprised and happy to see the woman was no one other than Kate. He had never expected to see Kate this way and so soon.  

Kate did not see Dion standing in front of her. When she felt a little better, she thought she would start walking towards home. She was just about to stand up from the ground and instantly she saw someone right in front of her in black shoes. She lifted her head to see his face.

Kate’s eyes sparkled with disbelief. It was neither a fantasy, nor a hallucination, but a truth---a truth for which she waited so long. Dion smiled at her and put both of his hands forward to pull her up to her feet. Kate felt as if her sense organs had refused to work. She could not blink an eye. She could not even breathe.

Kate said to herself, “I cannot believe my eyes. I wonder if it is really Dion after twelve years, staring at me in somber silence. I know he does not love me. Then why is he here in front of me, smiling? He has not changed at all. He still has the same innocent look on his face, same jovial smile, and the same sparking eyes.”

Dion said to himself, “I have lost my words seeing her innocent face. So many years have passed by, leaving thousands of memories and millions of words, unshared…unspoken.”

Dion spoke out, “How are you Kate? ......Well….I never really thought I would see you this way and….by the way…. Wish you a very happy birthday, dear.” Kate smiled a little and said ironically, “Thanks for remembering. So…tell me when did you come to NY and whom did you marry, how many kids do you have? Hope you did not plan to remain single like me, forever, did you?”

Dion sighed and after a little pause, he said, “Kate, what if I tell you today that I am incomplete without you just the way I was incomplete twelve years ago, would you believe me? I am sure you still love me the same. Your words out of resentment on me are strong enough to prove that you still care … Kate, would you then let me enter your universe to fill up all the emptiness of your soul, if I tell you that I had enough reason to lie to you that I was not in love with you? Dear, there had been an enormous misunderstanding between you and I. Twelve years ago, our family doctor had declared, after a thorough checkup, that I had blood cancer. My whole family was shocked to hear the news. The doctor said I would remain alive for few years only. The news insisted me to decide to tell you to forget me. Several years had passed by and being curious, I rechecked up my body, yesterday. Guess, what I was told! ….This new doctor said I was perfectly ok! I did not have any disease or sickness of any kind. I was simply misdiagnosed. I really wonder why fate played with me this way, so that I had to waste my precious twelve years of life in sorrow. Honey, please forgive me if you can. I still love you the same. I have loved you since the first day you came to our college back in 1999 and I still do”.

Dion became very emotional. He sobbed for a while.

It was shocking news to Kate. She stared into Dion’s eyes for a long time. She could not believe what she heard. Her eyes became filled with tears. Her heart felt as if a heavy load has lifted. The tears ran down her cheeks and her lips trembled with extreme emotion. She could not speak.

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