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Tina S
Tina S
Nov 7, 2009
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Bangladesh needs some changes in political sectors. A thorough and complete reformation and transformation of the very political culture of Bangladesh. What we need now more than ever is a thorough changing of the guard-a bona fide democratic regime change. While some may dismiss this as Mission Impossible for an impoverished, corruption-ridden nation like Bangladesh, President Barrack Obama's decisive personal victory over the historic and formidable "glass ceiling" for African Americans should give all of us Bangladeshis (both native and probashi) hope for a better future.
Indeed we need massive reform in every sector-from the way in which labor unions (such as those of the flourishing garment industry) are treated to the brave and industrious but underinvested institutions of law and order so that something as tragic and disgraceful as the so-called “BDR mutiny“ never occur again.
One particular issue I'd like to see the Bangladeshi government tackle is oil and natural gas exploration and development in the Bay of Bengal as this has the real potential revolutionize the economic conditions of our people and our nation.
I sincerely believe this is a vital investment for our future which we cannot fail in its implementation, especially with the recent and aggressive Burmese incursion into our territorial waters. Although I am certainly no war-mongerer or advocate of violence, I believe the military junta of Myanmar pose a fundamental existential threat to not only her neighbors but to her own people.

Findings and Discussion

Causes of Political Reformation:

The independence struggle of the eastern Bengali peoples against the British, partition from India in 1947, and secession from Pakistan in 1971 set the stage for the people of Bangladesh to create a democratic political system.

The Constitution, as it was initially promulgated in 1972, embodied the democratic yearnings of the long struggle for independence and guaranteed human rights and political freedoms within a system of checks and balances similar to those existing in the British and United States governments. But later events ended these hopes. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Mujib), hero of the 1971 war of independence, amended the Constitution and assumed dictatorial powers. His successors, most of whom were military men who seized power during various times of trouble, also ruled through autocratic means. As a result, successive regimes established single-party systems representing military interests, with the leader wielding almost absolute power.

Yet the struggle for democracy was still alive in Bangladesh as of the late 1980s. The single-party system of the 1970s and 1980s was unable to satisfy the varied political movements and interest groups of the nation. Opposition parties--although they represented conflicting views and were as unwilling as the ruling regime to share power--remained a vital force that commanded the loyalties of a large proportion of the population.

Bangladesh needs a strong political reformation in all sectors. Both Government and opposition parties need some reformation for the improvement of the whole nation.

Impact and Advantages

If a “Reformation” can be made in our politics then some advantages will be done for the overall nation.
Some possible advantages are given bellow:

1.Education System:
Our education system is corrupted because of nasty politics. Many students ruin their life to do politics.
Many democratic provisions of the University Acts not only encroach upon the limited teaching time of the faculty members by engaging them in active politics, but also fail to ensure accountability of the teachers, that contribute to lengthening of session jams, quite often accentuated by unscheduled closures of universities due to violent inter and intra-party clashes of student fronts of major political parties.
Moreover, as it happens quite often, ‘voters’, not ‘teachers’ are recruited that adversely affect the quality of university education. As there hardly exists any linkage between public universities on the one hand, and employers and the job market on the other, many university graduates, produced at considerable cost to the society, have to remain unemployed for a considerable period of time before they find employment often in areas outside their fields of study.
So if a proper and well reformation will establish then education system will be better and students can find a healthy place for education.

2. Proper utilization of wealth:
There is a huge difference of wealth in Bangladesh. Political heads accumulate more resources instead of allocating among country’s people.

3.Differences among people:

We have been victimized for decades by the corrupt practices of the state and we will no longer cynically accept "politics as usual." Therefore we must put cast aside our petty differences and collectively unite as one: religious or secular; Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Buddhist; Bangali or non-Bangali; rich or poor-for we are one people and this is one Bangladesh, our Bangladesh.
Even in the aftermath of the historic 2008 general election (which has been hailed by many analysts as one of the most transparent, violence-free, and all-around democratic elections in South Asian history) the solution does not lie within the confines of the Awami League, the BNP, or any of the other 95 political parties.
It is not contained within the context of partisan bickering, but in the unshakable strength and endurance of the Bangladeshi people.

4.Separation of Judiciary Board:
The military-controlled government has jumped into this sea with its own "reformation," beginning with certain institutions including the judiciary as soon as it came to power in January 2007.
The new government finished the paperwork to declare "the judiciary is separate from the executive" within a week of taking office. It was another deceptive move on the part of the government to increase its acceptability and support from the common folks.
The new "separate" judiciary has been working in such an impressive manner that the prisons are now full of innocent people who have been arrested by the armed forces all over the country since the state of emergency went into effect. The country's prisons are overcrowded; the number of detainees has increased threefold under the current regime. Neither the lower nor the higher judiciary has brought any remedy to the poor victims.

5. Transparency in politics:
Extortion corruption takes place when the applicant in a government office is not engaged in any illegal activities. But due to monopoly power of the official he has to pay a bribe for service. If the applicant is engaged in any illegal act, and government officials facilitate him in exchange of bribe, the type of corruption is then subversive; for example, the import license of goods, where the applicant hopes to bribe the bureaucrat in return for an illegal reduction in the import duty. Political corruption, or the abuse of conferred political monopoly, operates on broadly the same principles that have already been identified. Likewise, with legal corruption where justice is sold.


6.Student Politics:

Like these Bangladeshi professionals living abroad and having conscious eyes over the politics back in homeland, most of the educated people of Bangladesh are seen to be very keen about a ban on the national student politics.
A generation of students will be under construction which will concern nothing other than their self interests, which will have a dilapidated view on politics of Bangladesh and will contain no respect for our statespersons. Keeping the debate of respect worthiness of our politicians aside, the closure of student politics will trigger an unhealthy process of depoliticizing of our youths. The process will give birth of a large apolitical population who will just learn to take part in criticism rather than delivering constructive ideas.

There will be a lot of people which we already have a handful of, to put more than perfect slangs behind failures and misappropriation by people in politics. But there will be none to have enthusiasm to get into what they call “dirty” and to cleanse it. We already have plenty of critics. But we need people to get to work more than we need people to do criticism. And for meeting such need or at least to help such people come forward, there should be a very effective reformation over our national student politics.

7.Involvement of press and media:
Press and media are the main source of public awareness. Bangladeshi political parties don’t publish their agenda and their programmers in press and media.
Political matters are kept hide from general public. For this reason people of Bangladesh don’t come to know about the current situation of country properly.
People cant take place in country’s development because they don’t have any opportunity to contribute their views and thinking toward the improvements. If they will get opportunities to express their views then our country can be more fruitful.

8. Political study:
Bangladesh’s political environment is marked by a combative and often violent relationship between the ruling coalition and the opposition. Political parties have difficulty in communicating with each other and rational, constructive debate is rare inside and outside parliament. Even people in communities are unwilling to discuss or to initiate dialogue on the issues that affect their day to day lives.

Only minimal civic education is offered in the school system, and even fewer facilities and programs are available for adult education. As a result, the process of social and political decision-making in Bangladesh has a tendency to be hierarchical and unreceptive to citizen input.

To build a viable democratic culture and sound democratic processes in Bangladesh, citizens must understand their rights and responsibilities, and there must be channels for the public, including minorities and marginalized populations, to express their views to policy makers. Citizens have very limited opportunities to air their views on matters that affect their lives. Considering these factors, NDI’s interest is to introduce a method by which citizens can express their views and discuss and participate in decision making processes. The Study Circle model is considered to be an excellent method for citizens to be involved in the decision making process.

9. Study Constitution:
The Constitution of a country is not a bedtime story book; it is of immense importance and significance. If it makes good reading and enshrines lofty ideals and modern humanitarian principles, it does not mean that it is suitable for every country. To be workable a constitution must relate its provisions to the reality prevailing in the country concerned. The history and traditions of the country have also to be taken into consideration. Proper study of constitution will make people conscious about whether activity by Government is going to right way or not.


We need thorough and complete reformation and transformation of the very political culture of Bangladesh. What we need now more than ever is a thorough changing of the guard-a bona fide democratic regime change.
Bangladeshi people and reinvigorates the considerable regional and international respect we command as one of the few democracies of the Muslim world. These are the candidates who should be nominated by every existing political party because the people demand and deserve no less.

  •      Indeed we need massive reform in every sector-from the way in which labor unions (such as those of the flourishing garment industry) are treated to the brave and industrious but underinvested institutions of law and order so that something as tragic and disgraceful as the so-called “BDR mutiny“ never occur again.
  •      Differences and discriminations among religion, sex and status of people in Bangladesh should be minimizing in all sector.  Important posts of politics should be given measuring to persons quality not  measuring his/her status and political power.
  •      Bangladesh has seen number of political crisis and there were politicians and experts with brilliance to help us overcome the deadlocks. Student politics should be taken as a concern by them and should be pushed through reformations. As an overview of Bangladeshi student politics does not tell us it is in good shape, strategists of all political parties are to be unleashed to explore rooms to reform it.
  •      The major challenge for such reformations will be campus violence those often erupts based on illegitimate interests inside campuses those shouldn’t concern the students ethically. There take place hasty and violent political moves by student wings those come up as annoyance for general students. Reformers of student politics will get in touch with many of these problems those obstruct it to move onwards progressively. There will be seen problems and these will have to be resolved. But no room should be given to the proposition that a ban will work over the student politics. We have a certain sector of politics having troubles. Now if banning that certain sector is one of options rather than thinking about fixing it up, then there is no point of having politicians to deal with tricky situations, in fact there remains no point in our expectation of better democratic practices to move onward progressively in politics. So “no” to ban, “yes” to reorganization and reformation.
  •      In all level political education should be mandatory. Different workshops and seminars should be arranged for the improvement of public view through politics.
  •      All governmental activity and new statements should be published through media like television, internet, radio and newspaper. Every matter must disclose to public. There must not any hide and seek about country’s matters.


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