Solo Protest On Behalf of All Students of Our Department

Syeda Tasneem Rumy
Syeda Tasneem Rumy
Oct 12, 2009
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Solo Protest On Behalf of All Students of Our Department

We are students of a very competitive department, computer science and engineering department at a well reputed university, Jahangirnagar University. But if we analyze closely we shall see that as a department, CSE is not at all well reputed. So I’ve tried to find out the basic and root causes for this failure of our department to stand out as the best.

My experience says that we have been studying here year after year among political, beurocratic difficulties and the only tension we have in general is how to give our exams well, how to pass exams and mostly how to gain marks. It doesn’t matter if we cheat, doesn’t matter if we take the help of all dishonest means to pass, because the only thing that matters is that “we have to do good result”. It hardly bothers anyone that basically we do not learn anything fruitful, anything that will be valued in our professional lives. Why is our condition like this? Why?

Yes we do programming contest, we do cultural programs, participate in football and cricket match, we arrange debates, we go to excursions, we do rally, we study, and we give exams. But is this all??? Is this our life meant for?

What are we going to with our cultural program, programming contest rank, football/cricket match skills or debating skills when we enter our professional lives? We may get a good job using our extra curricular activities and high CGPA but do we at the least realize that our job might be temporary? If we do not have enough appropriate skills we are simply going to lose our jobs.

We need to think why we have come here at CSE department. We have to understand our purpose in life. What chance is there that all of us here are going to end up as software/hardware engineers? What chance is there that we can be a good teacher or a good system analyst? Whatever profession we seek we all want to be the best and thus we want our department to be the best.

But just look at the present condition of our department!

We have very few teachers and frankly speaking most teachers are only concerned about completing our syllabus of each semester. There are even teachers who do not even teach many relevant topics, that we might need in our future. When we have to face the viva-voce our department we simply do not know anything about such important topics that we should have known. Why is this so?

Teachers might say that “you do not know this because you don’t study”. But my answer to those teachers would be “you show me the place from where I should read and what I should read, I am damn willing to study”.

Do you teachers ever show us anything out of your own concern? Do you ever think of us just like you your own child who needs knowledge and your guidance? I bet you don’t.

Being a teacher is easy but being a responsible and dedicated teacher is very difficult. A Teacher at an university level must be concerned about students welfare such that, his/her actions prove his/her complete dedication and responsibility towards the students, not just words.

On the contrary I want to express my gratitude for those special teachers in our department, who actually deserve the label of an ideal teacher. Those teachers taught us things we did not know. They were patient enough to deal with our lack of understanding and helped us whenever we needed. They inspired us to become good human being and also advised us to be active, intuitive and dedicated when we enter our professional lives. They gave us proper guidance and taught us the technical knowhow to the best of their knowledge in their respective fields. I have my full respect for all these qualified teachers of our department from the bottom of my heart. And those who are not qualified should learn from them irrespective of how educated or how many academic degrees they hold. Adequate Knowledge, Moral value and proper dedication as a teacher is more important in order to be an ideal teacher.

What we are worried about and recon as our difficulty is that, we don’t know many essential and vital things related to our subjects in CSE. We do not know how we should face the professional world. How does it look like and what do we need to know in order to prove ourselves as competent software/ hardware engineers. We need guidance and encouragement. Not all students have the ability to grasp knowledge efficiently and not all can express the creativity inside them. Moreover, there are students who are not interested to learn things that are too technical. There is difference between the interests of girls and boys too. Boys are generally more interested in technical matters and do practice and gain knowledge out of their own concern, compared to girls. But if we look closely we shall see that, not even the most meritorious student of our department knows what is waiting for him/her in the professional life, and what to expect.

We hear from our senior brothers and sisters and also teachers that the professional life is very tough and competitive. So now the question is why are we not taught the things we need to know in order to be competitive so that we all stands out as the best students. Why do BUET students get more preference? What are the things that we are lacking? We are students of public university, we have good and knowledgeable teachers, then why are we lagging behind?

The semester system that we follow has a severe drawback. Our time is so short that before we actually learn to apply and practice our knowledge and skills, our semester is over. As a result most students can not catch up and grasp knowledge completely/satisfactorily within this short time they tend to do bad result and practically learn nothing useful. Even the best student among all is unable to grasp the entire knowledge. And after the semester is over and new semester start, we do not any time to practice what we had left undone in the previous semester. So for this perpetual difficulty I suggest that our teacher could easily implement practice sessions, projects etc, for students during each semester.

I regret when we realize that the programming concept that we all need essentially in order to excel in our career were taught as a lab course of 1,5 credit for java and C++. We were basically not taught in details and were not given any creative things to do with our knowledge. Moreover teachers might say that “why did you not study and did something creative?” Then my answer to those teachers is that, “The number of course that we have to deal with each semester and the time shortage that we have to deal with does not sufficiently give us time to do anything creative.” Please do not show us the example of those students who manage to do creative things among all difficulties and did shine in their lives, because I believe that the number of those students is few and I therefore consider them as ‘exceptions’ and undoubtedly ‘exceptions’ can not be ‘examples’ !

I personally want each student to build themselves professionally no matter what professions they seek. I want them to express their creative knowledge in all possible ways. Therefore, all that they need is proper guidance and proper opportunity.

I hope that if this situation improves someday, then our younger brothers and sisters in our department will someday be able to say after their graduation that, “I am proud to be a student of CSE department at JU”. Then only the regret of mine today, converted to satisfaction and gratitude.
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