The Elements of Brand

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Jan 31, 2010
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Brand: brand is a name, sign, symbol or combination of these used to identify a product and distinguish it from competitors’ offering.

American Marketing Association:
A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition.

The elements of brand

Brand names
Trademarks ™/ Registered TM®
Copyright ©

Brand Names:

A brand name is a word, letter, groups of word or letters that can be spoken. The brand name is a fundamentally important choice because it often captures the central theme or key associations of a product in a compact and economical fashion. Brand names can be an extremely shorthand means of communication. Selecting a brand name for a new product is extremely an art and science.


Existing words (including proper names, compounds, foreign words)–
Mercedes, Golf, Bounty, Slim Fast, Ja!Natürlich, Tempo, Nivea

•Newly created names (coined names)  with recognizable links to existing words–
[rapeseed oil],


•Artificial creations–
Kodak, Twix, Twingo

URLs ( Uniform Resource Locations): URLs are to specify locations of pages on the web, and are also commonly referred to as domain names. For examples,, Brand recall is critical because, at least an existing brand, the main URL is a straightforward and maybe even literal translation of the brand name ( although there are some exceptions and variations.

Logos and symbols:

Logos and symbols are visual elements of the brand that play a critical role in building equity, especially in term of brand awareness. Logos have a long history as a means to indicate origin, Ownership or association. Example of abstract, logos include the Mercedes star, Rolex crown, CBS eye, NIKE swoosh and the Olympic rings.

These non-word mark logos are also often called symbols. Because of their visual nature, logos and symbols are often are often easily recognized and can be a valuable way to identify products, although a key concern is how well they become linked in memory to the corresponding brand name and product to boost brand recall. That is consumers may recognize certain symbols but be unable to link them to any specific products or brand.

Range from corporate names or trademark to abstract logos.

Abstract logo like Mercedes' Star Mark, Nike’s Swoosh, Wipro’s Sunflower, SBI’s key hole etc.
Lufthansa (Flying swan), Welcome Group of Hotels (Namaskar), LIC (Diya)…., Apollo Tyres.., SAIL…


Significant impact on people’s emotional state.

Specific mental associations.

Soft/ Cool colors – Blue, Green, Violet ….

Hard/ Warm Colors- Yellow, Red, Orange….


Blue text increases retention.
Yellow evokes cheerfulness.
Red and orange encourage diners to eat quickly.
Most legible color combinations are black on yellow/ white and green on white.


Characters represent a special type of brand symbol-one that takes on human or real life characteristics. Brand characters typically are introduced through advertising and can play a central role in these and subsequent ad campaigns and package designs. Like other brand elements, brand characters come in many different forms. Some brand characters are animated ( Pillsbury’s Poppiin Fresh Doughboy, the Keebler elves and numerous cereal characters such as Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam and Cap’n Crunch) whereas others are live-action figures ( the Marlboro Cowboy, Ronald McDonald). Brand characters can provide a number of brand equity benefits. Because they are often colorful and rich in imagery, they tend to be attention getting.


•Some are animated like Pillsbury’s Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy,

•Britannia Treat ‘Funtoon’…..

•Others are live-action figures like  Juan Valdez (Colombian coffee), the Maytag repairman, and Ronald McDonald. Notable newcomers include the AOL running man, the Budweiser frogs.

•Amul Girl, Asian Paint Gattu, Onida Devil, Britannia Tiger…

Trademarks ™/ Registered TM®

A brand that has been given legal protection (name and design) and has been granted solely to its owner.

•A trademark  protects a word, phrase, symbol  or design or a combination of these, that identifies and distinguishes the goods or services of one person or company from those of others.

Copyright ©

•Copyrights are a form of protection for the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works.

•Copyright does not cover intellectual property such as titles, names, short phrases, and slogans; familiar symbols or designs; or mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering, or coloring. This type of intangible property is often more appropriately protected by a trademark.

Slogans are short phrases that communicate descriptive or persuasive information about the brand. Slogans often appear in advertising but can play an important role on packaging and in other aspects of the marketing program. Slogans can be devised a number of different ways to help build brand equity. Some slogans build brand awareness by playing off the brand name in some way.


Thanda matlab Coca Cola- cocacola
I’m lovin’ it-McDonalds

Jingles/Signature Tune:
jingles are musical messages written around the brand. Typically composed by professional songwriters, they often have enough catchy hooks and choruses to become almost permanently registered in the minds of listeners. For examples, “I would like to buy the world a Coke”, “The Dogs kids love to bite.”
Packaging involves the activities of designing and producing containers or wrappers for a product. Like other brand elements, packages have long history. From the perspective of both the firm and consumers, packaging must achieve a number of objectives.

    Identify the brand
     Convey descriptive and persuasive information.
     Facilitate product transportation and protection.
     Assist at home storage.
     Aid product consumption.

Packaging can have important brand equity benefits for a company. Often, one of the strongest associations that consumers have with a brand relates to the look of its packaging. Package design also has become important in recent years as brand proliferation continues and advertising is seen as becoming less cost-effective.

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