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Jun 27, 2010
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Waka Waka Its Time for Africa may be made popular by Shakira andFreshlyground but the song is a cover of the original released in 1986. The original song is titled "Tsamina" or "Zangaléwa" by a Cameroon group called Golden Sounds.

This song is a priori language interpreted Fang, corresponding to areas of Gabon, southern Cameroonin Equatorial Guinea and a little east of the Central Africa.Being so popular, this means that many times they sing the song without knowing the meaning.

Meaning of the words in Fang language:

# Tsaminamina means Come.

# Waka waka means Do it – as in perform a task. Waka is pidgin language meaning walk while working.

# Tsaminamina zangalewa means where do you come from?.

# Wana means it is mine.

# Zambo means wait.

Zamina mina (Zangalewa)

Zangalewa of Cameroon:

“Zamina” or “Zangaléwa” is a 1986 hit song, originally sung by a makossa group from Cameroon called Golden Sounds who were beloved throughout the continent for their silly dances and costumes. The song was such a hit for Golden Sounds that they eventually changed their name to Zangaléwa, too. The song pays tribute to African skirmishers (a.k.a tirailleurs) during WW2. 

Most of the band members were in the Cameroonian Army themselves and used make up, fake belly and fake butt for comic relief.

The song is still used today by soldiers, policemen, boy scouts, sportsmen and their supporters, usually during training or for rallying.

The men in the group often dressed in military uniforms, wearing pith helmets and stuffing their clothes with pillows to appear like they had a swollen butts from riding the train and fat stomachs from eating too much. The song, music historians say, is a criticism of black military officers who were in league with whites to oppress their own people. Or at least, some of it was. Some of it, as far was we can surmise, is gibberish.

Za engalomwa language means Fang “Who sent you?”: this is the question of a Cameroonian military source to another foreigner, according to Guy Dooh, Zangalewa group. The term Zangalewa can also come from an expression in Ewondo: Loé wa za anga?, it would be “Who called you?” Cameroon is a multiethnic, multilingual, and not all the soldiers could speak Ewondo, so it is very likely that over time the term wa za anga Loé became the Zangalewa that we know today.

When the young recruits of the Republican Guard Cameroon complained about the rigors of military life, their employers or fellow old people used to raise this question: Loé wa za anga?, which actually meant something like: “nobody has forced to join the army, so stop whining! “

This song was chosen because it’s both a tribute to African music, with the World Cup being held in South Africa, and a nod to the folks back home who’ve partied to this song since way back in 1987 when the song rose to prominence thanks to West African DJ’s in Cartagena.

Before Shakira many other artists around the world sampled this song. Some of them are :

Las Chicas Del Can

The Surinamese group Beatmachine. Their version is called “Samina Mina” just like Shaki’s.

Adane Best

The movie The Lion King also feature samples reference of this song.

Detailed translation

Za / mine / mine / hé hé. in other pronunciation (Zar ou Zak mine mine)

Come / you / you / he he. (Literal translation)

Come, come (translation adapted)

Wa / ka.

You-ti-action. (Literal translation)

you do. (Translation adapted)

za / an / ga / le / wa /

who / have / do action / called / you / (literal translation)

Who called you? (Translation adapted)

Ana / wam / ha / ha

com / yo-me / himself / herself (literally)

me, yeah (translation adapted)

Yang / hé hé

Waiting / hé hé

Come, come hé hé

you do, you do hé hé

Full display translated

Come, come

Who called you?

yes, I am

hé hé expected

hé hé expected

Come, come

Who called you?

yes, I am

Another part of the song says:

When I push on the right, you push on the left, when I push on the left, you push on the right …

Here is the video of WAKA WAKA: 


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