What Does Sorry Mean

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Jan 17, 2010
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 "Sorry" simply means to regret your choice or action towards another being, or feeling remorse. It can also mean that the sorry person "never meant to do it" or "will never do it again". 

Saying sorry means taking responsibly for what you did wrong and trying to take the wrong right.
Really meaning it when you say you’re sorry, feeling the persons pain that you caused by what you did wrong. people can tell when you’ve been done wrong and the other person just says ''SORRY'' 
Saying you're sorry is called apologizing. When you apologize, you're telling someone that you're sorry for the hurt you caused, even if you didn't do it on purpose. People who are apologizing might also say that they will try to do better. They might promise to fix or replace what was broken or take back a mean thing they said.

How does it feel?
When you apologize to someone — and really mean it — it's because you have stopped to think about how the person may have felt because of what you did or said. When you stop to think about the other person's feelings, you begin to feel sorry for your behavior. You might even feel embarrassed or ashamed if you did something that you knew was wrong.
Even if what happened was an accident or you did something you didn't mean to do, you would probably still feel sorry if you knew the other person's feelings were hurt. After apologizing, you might feel a little better (the other person probably will, too). When you apologize in a caring way, you can feel good because you are trying to make things right again.
Apologize by heart:

When you are sincerely sorry and desire to make it right, start with an honest admission of your guilt. Simply state what you did wrong. This is a sign of respect for the other. As the offender, you have validated the other person's feelings and need to acknowledge their right to be treated fairly. This will ease their resistance and allow you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness.
Once you accept the apology, it’s saying the other person has accepted responsibility for upsetting you. This isn’t always the true, in many cases the person gives an apology just as a form of surrender. They would rather reconcile with you, then continue to feel the pressure that follows a disagreement between two people.

Does Apologizing Fix Everything?

Sometimes a heartfelt "I'm sorry" fixes everything right away. Other times, it might take a while for someone to feel friendly after you apologize. You might need to give the other person some time. Even after you say you're sorry, you might still feel bad about what you said or did — but you can feel good about apologizing and about making up your mind to do better.

When someone apologizes to you and changes then you might feel like being friendly again right away. You might feel relieved and glad that the other person apologized and admitted being wrong. But if someone keeps behaving in mean ways or does something that keeps hurting, you might not feel the same way anymore. You can give one chance to notice his performance and behavior again. If you will not give chance to your friend then you might be wrong and do unfair with your friend. You should happy to feel that your friend regrets himself and wants you back again.

To disagree with someone you know, whether friend, relative or life partner. This is a normal activity in most people’s lives. Sometimes a disagreement between people can make the relationship stronger. An apology which is sincere and real will always make it better, stronger and last longer.
Author's note: When someone feels sorry for ones mistakes then one should be forgiven.
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