Who Invented What?

Do you know who invented the first mirrors, the first combs, or who used the first false teeth? Read on to find the answers and learn more invention facts.

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Derek Thompson
Feb 26, 2011
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Based on evidence gathered in some caves in Beijing, China (c.600,000 BC), early Chinese might used fire for cooking and perhaps to drive away dangerous animals. Hunters learned to use harpoon around 13,000 BC. This simple but effective hunting weapon kept them in safe distance from dangerous prey.


Needles made from bone were first used as early as 20,000 BC. As Nomads or wondering people moved to colder regions in search for foods. Finding their loincloths not suitable for colder weather, they saw the need to sew or make clothing that will adapt to the colder climate to keep warm. In 2800 BC, Hemp rope was first used in China.


Around 3000 BC, Egyptians have a way to see if they look beautiful, by looking at a metal mirror. However, man’s desire to well-groomed must have dated back around 8000 BC. In, Scandinavia, archaeologists have stumbled upon combs made from antlers. False teeth were first used by the Etrurians of Italy in 700 BC.

Fish hooks

Early Mediterranean Sea fishermen have the luxury of using fishing nets way back 10,000 BC. These fish nets were crafted from twisted vines. In addition, primitive hammers were first utilized by earliest stoneworkers during this period. Barbed fish hooks were first put into use in Scandinavia around 3000 BC.


The Sumerians contributed two useful inventions in our list. Around 4000 – 3000 BC, writing was invented and flourished of the Mesopotamian region.   Written in clay tablets, it is called cuneiform. Around 5000 BC, irrigation was first used tapping the Euphrates and Tigris rivers as their chief water source.


Glass, in the form of glass beads, was invented by the Egyptians in 3000 BC. In 3500 BC, papyrus was invented and it led to the invention of ink. Around 4000 BC, They invented the first pins that were primarily used to fasten robes. These pins were produced out of copper.


The first genuine alphabet comprising 22 letters was invented by the Syrian in 1700 BC.


The Greeks invented the first wooden spoons around 1500 BC. They used these wooden spoons exclusively to eat eggs. The first coins were in circulation in Asia Minor around 620 BC, thus making trading much easier.

Water-powered mill

The first water-powered mill was invented by the Greeks in 85 BC. They also used the first giant catapults in 400 BC. These catapults were the which were the predecessors of modern artillery. The first wheels was invented in Mesopotamia in 3200 BC paving the way for  faster and productive harvests.

Sugar refining

Sugar refining was first introduced in India in1000 BC.


Welding first occurred in Syria in 1350 BC, while iron smelting was first done in Mesopotamia in 1900 BC.


The first carpets were first made in China in 500 BC.

Some Egyptian inventions include:

toy balls that first appeared around 2000 BC, sundial around 1000 BC, musical organ was first played in Alexandria in 300 BC, and surveying instruments were invented in 600 BC.

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