A Short Operating System Timeline

A short list of interesting development in Operating Systems

Zakir Hossain
Zakir Hossain
Dec 6, 2009
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A brief time line of the operating systems throughout the history that caught my interest which are very study able; these systems, I thought to have some major impact on how the world is today. The information given here is collected from different websites.

1956: GM-NAA I/O
1959: SHARE Operating System

1960: IBSYS
1961: CTSS, MCP (Burroughs Large Systems)
1962: GCOS
1964: EXEC 8, OS/360 (Announced), TOPS-10
1965: Multics (Announced), OS/360 (Shipped), Tape Operating System (TOS)

1966: DOS/360 (IBM), MS/8
1968: TSS-8 (PDP-8)
1969: TENEX, Unix (One of major Inventions)

1970: DOS-11 (PDP-11), RSTS-11 (PDP-11) ( the days of true engineering starts)
1971: OS/8
1972: MFT (operating system), MVT, RDOS, SVS, VM/CMS
1973: Alto OS, RSX-11D, RT-11, VME
1974: MVS (MVS/XA)
1975: BS2000
1976: CP/M, TOPS-20
1978: Apple DOS 3.1 (First Apple OS), TripOS, VMS, Lisp Machine (CADR)
1979: POS, NLTSS

1980: OS-9, 86-DOS, SOS, Pilot (operating system), Xenix
1981: MS-DOS
1982: Commodore DOS, SunOS (1.0), Ultrix
1983: Lisa Office System 7/7, Coherent, Novell NetWare, ProDOS
1984: Macintosh OS (System 1.0), MSX-DOS, Sinclair QDOS, QNX, UniCOS
1985: AmigaOS, Atari TOS, MIPS OS, Oberon operating system, Microsoft Windows 1.0 (First Windows)
1986: AIX, GS-OS, HP-UX
1987: Arthur, IRIX (3.0 is first SGI version), Minix, OS/2 (1.0), Microsoft Windows 2.0
1988: A/UX (Apple Computer), LynxOS, Macintosh OS (System 6), MVS/ESA, OS/400
1989: NeXTSTEP (1.0), RISC OS, SCO Unix (Release 3)

1990: Amiga OS 2.0, BeOS (v1), OSF/1, Windows 3.0
1991: Linux (basis of free Unix-like operating system distributions) (distribution timeline), Macintosh OS (System 7)
1992: 386BSD 0.1, Amiga OS 3.0, Solaris 2.0 (Successor to SunOS 4.x; based on SVR4 instead of BSD), Windows 3.1
1993: Plan 9 (First Edition), FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows NT 3.1 (First version of NT)
1995: Digital UNIX (aka Tru64 ), OpenBSD, OS/390, Windows 95
1996: Mac OS 7.6 (First officially-named Mac OS), Windows NT 4.0
1997: Inferno, Mac OS 8, SkyOS
1998: Solaris 7 (First 64-bit Solaris release. Names from this point drop "2.", otherwise would've been Solaris 2.7), Windows 98
1999: AROS (Boot for the first time in Stand Alone version), Mac OS 9, Windows 98 Second Edition

2000: AtheOS, MorphOS, Windows 2000, Windows Me
2001: Amiga OS 4.0 (May 2001), Mac OS X v10.0 and v10.1, Windows XP, z/OS,
2002: Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Syllable, Mac OS X v10.2
2003: Windows Server 2003 (March 28, 2003), Mac OS X v10.3
2005: Mac OS X v10.4
2007: Windows Vista, Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard)
2009: Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard), WIndows 7

Eventually more information should be collected and analyze the progress in development; some of these have wiki articles but the progress can only be seen from user’s and developer’s perspective. I’d like everyone’s comment on each one of these and if they have used or liked any of these.

Author's note: I’d like everyone’s comment on each one of these and if they have used or liked any of these.
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Zico, Mathews ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Zico Mathews : Why your list does not include Ubuntu or Red Hat or other Open Source OS. Do you think they have a very insignificant place in the history of OS and thats why you have excluded them from this list?

Dec 2, 2009 at 02:27 AM, Wednesday  

Zakir, Hossain ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Zakir Hossain : First of all, they are not really attached with the kernel improvement, Ubuntu or Red Hat or Fedora or such OS are just built on Linux kernel which is one of the most significant operating system kernel developments in the history. But it would be too long if I add a list of time line when Linux kernel is developed, so I wish to give that as a separate write-up. Apart from that if the kernel is not mentioned then “distros” are insignificant for this list.

Dec 6, 2009 at 07:12 AM, Sunday  

Tracy, Pettigrue ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Tracy Pettigrue : You may add a list of time line for Linux Kernel Development. I hope that would be worth reading. Expecting a new writeup from you on that very soon. Regards

Dec 9, 2009 at 04:10 AM, Wednesday  

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