Stankovic cup in

Stankovic cup in Guangzhou 5 years with the team, a joint expedition cup-Nike LeBron Soldier 1

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Apr 22, 2012
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Yesterday, Guangzhou C Lebron James Shoes 2012 ity Basketball Association off Cheap Lebron James Shoes icially announced the next 5 years -- Stankovic Cup Basketball int Lebron James Basketball Shoes ercontinental match will be s Nike Lebron Shoes ettled in Guangzhou.

"The Stankovic Cup Basket Nike LeBron 9 ball int Lebron Shoes 2012 ercontinental" abbreviation, cup, is named the Stankovic cup, is i Nike LeBron Soldier 5 n honor of FIBA first secretary-general Mr. Stankovic for the world basketball development contributions. Event by Nike LeBron Soldier 4 FIBA President Dr. Cheng Wanqi invited before initiating, Continental champion basketball team, also known as the Intercontinental cup.

Yesterday afternoon, the 2011 Stankovic Cup Basketball Intercontinental Cup press conference held in Beijing, on behalf of the G Nike LeBron Soldier 3 uangzhou municipal sports Nike LeBron Soldier 1 bu Nike LeBron 7 PS reau attended the Guangzhou Basketball Association vice chairman Chen Xiaoguang said, "this cup has Nike LeBron 7 Low become the host city image display of the important window, become city basketball popularization and development platform." It is based on this kind of good basketball atmosphere, in this year and Haining jointly organized this cup, Guangzhou city will be in the next 5 years to continue to hold the Chinese basketball event to attract people' Nike LeBron 7 s attention.

This year's Cup dates for August 1st to August 9th, 5 teams respectively is the Chinese team, the Australian team, the Angola team, the New Zealand team and Russian team. According to the schedule, two races were the single r Nike LeBron 6 ound-robin system, every two. And the earlier Yi Jianlian Nike LeBron 5 has returned home, Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low then a will with the rest of the squad, preparing for this cup and championship.

In this year's cup, Guangzhou will also be in the Tianhe Sports Center Nike LeBron 8 V2 organized the "Guangzhou international basketball festival". T Nike LeBron 8 PS he general public and fans can participate in basketball section "basketball Carnival" activities and three on three basketball game and a series of rich and colorful activities.

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