TEDA dissatisfaction

TEDA dissatisfaction with Li Weifeng's heavy punishment Jihai Sun suspended for five games Shaanxi will appeal-Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear

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abvie nfiie
Apr 22, 2012
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In the sixteenth round of fighting three days have pas Adidas Jeremy Scott 2012 sed, but t Adidas Originals 2012 his round of appear in some of the focus of the event is still there are still repercussions. Yesterday, the Chinese Football Association Super League sixteenth round two braw Jeremy Scott Bear Shoes l made severe puni Jeremy Scott Wings shment, Tianjin TEDA defender Li Weifeng was suspended for six games, a fine of 30000; Shaanxi Chan Ba Rive Adidas Obyo Shoes r t Adidas Superstar II eam Jihai Sun was bann Adidas Star Wars Shoes ed for five matches, a fine of 25000 yuan.

TEDA dissatisfaction only reason not to appeal

In fact, the day before yesterday evening, the football association to heavy news of Adidas Star Wars Campus 80S Li Wei Adidas Originals ZX 800 feng have passed out. For this message, Taida said very difficult to understand, that the Football Association punishment scale a.

On the evening of 10, deep Jin war in Huizhou Boluo Sports Center opened Zhanmu, when fifty-fourth minutes into the game, two teams in TEDA backcourt occurred many times of collision, first Libenjian Flores knocked down, then Yu Dabao and Killen had body collision, thereafter Killen again with Li Weifeng to mediate the dispute, both pulling each other, scene almost Adidas Originals Stan Smith out of control, then South Adidas Originals SMS Lotus Korea referee Jin Zhonghe Li Weifeng and K Adidas Originals Hardland illen were red-carded. In 12, Li Weifeng in the club staff escorted to the Chinese Football Asso Adidas M Attitude Logo ciation disciplinary committee held hearings in, he Adidas Basketball Shoes insisted that he had no violence, no rumors like Adidas AdiRise Mid Mickey X that pinch Killen's neck. Subsequently it emerged Adidas 35th Anniversary the disciplinary c Kids Adidas Shoes ommittee ha Adidas Originals JS Panda s made a preliminary decision of punishment, Li Weifeng will be heavy penalties for 6 games, fines of about 30000 yuan. But in yesterday afternoon, this punish Adidas JS Bones ment decision confirmed.

For this ticket, Tia Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear nji Adidas Angry Birds n team responsible person only helpless sigh to respond, "in our opinion, the Football Association punishment scale should be unified, we can put all this seas New Jeremy Scott Wings Shoes on similar events out contrast, sentencing standards is it right? Have Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings Ballerina a look l Adidas Jeremy Scott Sandals ike, I want to ask if they dare? Feng Wei then rushes is more impulsive, but Kil Adidas Jeremy Scott 2.0 len behind playing our players, and similar m Adidas Jeremy Scott ovements of the elbow, and in the field of b Adidas Jeremy Scott JS 3 Tongue eatings are different? Why his punishment but lighter?"< Adidas Glow In The Dark /p>

Al Adidas CC Ride though feel sentencing is overweight, but when asked whether to appeal, the club head reluctantly said: "we must express our attitudes, but now the appeal has li Adidas Adizero Crazy Light ttle significance, we might be to the China Football Association and General Administration of sport or higher leadership to reflect this problem. For the conference board, this season we have had to interve...

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