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Syeda Tasneem Rumy
Syeda Tasneem Rumy
May 14, 2010
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News and Events image is a popular content sharing website by ArticulateLogic that helps people to share their creative knowledge and multimedia with anyone on the web. It is a popular website of ArticulateLogic. It helps people to share their creative knowledge and multimedia with their friends and the entire world. Its first release was made on September 6th, 2009. The second release was launched on January 31st 2010.




In people can share their Articles, Blogs, Photos, Audios, Videos and Profiles with their friends and others publicly. They can join clubs to share their views and discuss. helps people to invite friends and share contents of various types. Users are able to comment on each other’s contents and rate them anonymously. The user friendly design approach and search engine optimized urls of all contents of has attracted a good number of visitors throughout the globe. People can actually share their views and multimedia contents all in one place and in various ways.

Social Networking: is the social networking platform for all individuals who want to keep in touch with their friends, colleagues and families at home and abroad from all over the world. You may create a feature rich profile and keep updating each day and share each other’s news in easy, painless and versatile ways. Join in and make your own profile. Add your friends and keep in touch.

Create your pages:

Ability to publish your own page on the web and multimedia contents on the fly is an exclusive feature of provides you with a rich html text editor which you can use to create your page with your custom formatting. The moment you confirm and submit your page, it gets published. As soon as it is published, search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo etc will surely crawl your page and make it available to people all over the world. All pages and contents in have search engine friendly urls. Moreover, you can also provide your own custom keywords list to make your page more easily available to search engines.
Make your mark on the web! Share your rich multimedia Webpages and publish your articles or any sort of page at all. View and read from the large collection of pages in and find any information you need.

Publish & Browse Music:

People all round the world would like to make their voice to be is one such place where you may upload your audios and make it available for everyone on the internet to hear what you have to say. Not just your own voice recording, you may upload any song or recordings to share with the world. You may send invitation to all your friends and family to listen to the audios you hear in Browse music by genre as well as by artist, or most viewed and most rated.
Put your songs, music, podcast or any sort of audio and listen to the large collection that others have uploaded. Find out the ease in sharing your sound.

Publish and Browse Video: lets you publish your own videos in a variety of formats and browse all of them by category or in order of latest, most rated or most viewed. You may also want to email the link to any video right away to your friends. Put any sort of videos, screen cast and let the world dazzle with your creativity, publish them in the easiest and painless way.

Publish and Join Clubs:

The most effective online groups, that help you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues, share files, spreadsheets, documents, images, manage and conduct events, mailing lists and build up strong group for your own goal. Browse new and happening clubs of by category and share your thoughts with all members.


The easiest way to create your own feature rich and most customizable blog and be in touch with anyone by updating your information in any way you like.

Search Friends:

Find and make new friends and reconnect with the old ones with the help of the defined searching method on the web. Searching made easy.

Any content published in becomes available to the search engines quickly, making room for your content to have more visitors and traffic. The makes it easy for you to put your ads or showcase yourself on the way.

Key Features

  • Enabling the sharing of all kinds of multimedia contents with your friends and the world.


  • Promoting your media contents by user rating and view counts. Ability to express your opinions about other's content by means of comments in each media.


  • All contents have search engine friendly URLs.


  • Searching made easy for you to search your friends from your email address book and community.


  • Easy Publishing and viewing of all contents.


  • Ability to control user privacy and content visibility level.


  • Instant emailing feature with all your contents in order to invite your friends to view any particular content of yours or other users.


  • News feed for all contents that your friends are publishing including status messages.


  • Enhanced profile view with all your content publishing history, personal and global information.


  • Ability to make new friends.


  • Sending private messages to other users and your friends.


  • Ability to block unwanted people from friend list.


  • Sharing files and conducting creative discussions in clubs with club members.


The user friendly design approach of has attracted a good number of visitors throughout the globe. People can actually share their views and multimedia contents all in one place and in various ways.

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