The Thunder God: Li Weifeng isn't playing is n

The Thunder God: Li Weifeng isn't playing is not necessarily good Flores or bench-Nike Air Force One Blue

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abvie nfiie
Apr 22, 2012
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Seven thirty this evenin Air Force One 2012 g, Henan Jianye in Tianjin TEDA Football Challenge Team Taida Bonfrere, hope before the gam Cheap Air Force One e, the game can be harvested somewhat. From the historical record, and at a disadvantage, especially in Taida football field, has never achieved victory. The season opener against, Jianye home in 0: 0 and TEDA and shake hands, but that game the team Taida Chen Tao, Yu Dabao and Wang Xinxin, three players due to injury.

Flores may continue to hit the substitution


Last night the steps Custom Air Force One on the field training, the Thunde Nike Air Force One r God set up 442 formation, cartoon Ge and support at the front, Lu Feng, Huang Xiyang, Wang Shouting and Zhang Lu in midfield, Tan Wangsong, Zhao Peng, Fabio, Jaap Li Zhaonan was marking.

A good performance of Flores can and cartoon Ge mate together first? Bonfrere joked, "I don't know, to ask them to Nike Air Force One 2012 say". From confrontation lineup, Flores continue to hit the substitution possibility is very big, after all the change law of Biot or Neto, is a risky, unless th Nike Air Force One White e construction team behind when possible to do so. And had been Xu Yang's first, this also appearing on the bench, bench may be tonight.

In focus on the exercise defense, Bonfrere required players to offer more, don't let the team Taida Nike Air Force One Red easily passing forward. In the attack, he asked as soon as possible through the midfield, mor Nike Air Force One Purple e use of the wing. Objectively speaki Nike Air Force One Premium ng, the construction team the last round of Changchun Nike Air Force One Grey , did not play well in Shandong, Shandong played a very simple, but the exc Nike Air Force One Canvas essive entanglement of Changchun in midfi Nike Air Force One Blue eld, but also by opponents seized the opportunity to directly counter.

The Thunder God said: "I hope Nike Air Force One Black tomorrow evening there will be a harvest, let me construction of the Nike Air Force One Yellow se a few also have a Nike Air Force One Supreme good result."

Li W Nike Air Force One Star eifeng isn't playing is n Nike Air Force One Boots ot n Womens Nike Air Force One Low Supreme ecessarily a good thingWomens Nike Air Force One Low 07 p>


Yesterday, the Chinese Football Association of Li Weifeng opened a ticket. Disciplinary committee is of Nike Air Force One Low Supreme the opinion that Li Weifeng in the last round of violence Nike Air Force One 07 , so punished 6 w Air Force One High Rasheed Wallace heel suspension. TEDA defender cannot play, on the construction, whether the beneficial?

"I don't think so," said Bonfrere, "Li Weifeng is not, there will Womens Nike Air Force One Mid be other replacement. Also, player will use his posit Womens Nike Air Force One Low ive performance impressed the coach, so, other players, may make us mor Womens Nike Air Force One High e difficult". Nike Air Force One Mid Tianjin coach A Lihan said, with respect to the Football Association punishment, "Li Weifeng's suspens Nike Air Force One Low ion will certainly give the team ...

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