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Zakir Hossain
Zakir Hossain
Nov 10, 2009
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Life is not fair -

It’s hard to admit that life is not just, and we are not made alike, we are all different and specially some of us possess special abilities that others don’t. Some times I feel like to say that the God is also not fair, but, there’s a huge but in there. Because that’s the only hope for me to keep wishing that the God will bring us all to justice, when the life will done injustice.

I don’t want to believe that God has made me less intelligent and I couldn’t do the things that others can do, but life has always told me the same things over and over that I can’t, I couldn’t and probably wouldn’t be able to do the things that others have done. But I can never accept the fact of forgetting about it and leave the challenge. Though, I’d have to admit that I’ve never been very much successful whenever I took the challenges, but I keep this expectation from myself that I’d some how survive and do what I always wanted to do. As my most paragraphs are unfinished and always ends with a question mark, so it is. Would I be able to meet the challenges that I always wanted to accomplish?

Why survive? What are the reasons for an individual to struggle to survive? Well, one reason could be that if the existence is threatened then there’s no more choice left for any further for at least itself. For anything to happen, first thing that is necessary, is the existence. So, survival is needed. But for the statement, that survival for fittest only applies for them who are fitted to only be survived. Greatness may fall to be great, the fallen could be great if fallen for greatness. But survived for whatever reason, only saves itself and nothing else. So why is survival is so necessary, as long as we can fall to be great?

Wishing doesn’t work, I’ve always noticed that. I kept wishing to have more knowledge and efficiency or intelligence, and the abilities to do things, to accomplish things; and I’ve always found that wishing isn’t the best way of doing it. All the people that I’ve always been jealous about and always thought why do they have the abilities to do things that I don’t, I’ve always noticed that they have earned their knowledge, they have spend all their life in search of the things they wanted. Of course I’d have to say that they have this special gift to learn faster or achieve faster, but somehow they have learned to learn faster and to do things better and more perfectly. They know what to see, how to see and how to do things, better then me. But I’d say that may be intelligence could be gifted but how can knowledge be gifted, they would have to keep trying to at least to know what to know. A child can’t be born wise. So, if it is my point then I’ll keep trying to know until I know it all properly. But there’s still one but involved; I’ve missed so much of my time and years of my life when I didn’t know that, and still most of the times, I’m not doing the things that I’m suppose to do. It took me so long to figure it out that I’d have to keep trying to know to know. Why do I have to be so stupid? If they are human then how can I claim to be the same?

I always admit the fact that there are confusions and none of us can explain everything, and perhaps that’s one of the facts that help us to live a little longer. I can’t see any reason to live, or to have the interest to live, if I don’t have the fear of death or to be of any use. If I’m not of any use then what is the actual meaning of living? Just to enjoy the life? I don’t think so, I can’t think of a reason for which a creature can be created just to enjoy its existence. There must be some use of the existence and living. Enjoyment, I’d say, is a necessary part which helps us to live for the purpose to serve. Though, I’ve never been shown any sign, or I couldn’t see the sign that I’d be of any use to anyone or I can say that I have never been able to do things right, in proper time and the way it should have done, but the question that if I could be able to do things right in future, lets me have the confusion and lets me live just for one more day, until the day I’d be able to accomplish things that I wanted or I’m intended to do. But still is that all that I need; is that a reason good enough to let me keep breathing or I need more reasons?

A fallacious common fear among all is the fear of death. But if there’s one thing in our lives that is so certain and that is so true and that is going to happen in this day or the other then why fear it. What are the logical reasons to fear death? If the life is not meaningful then how does it matter if it is short or long? Why does it matter if I die today or tomorrow, if there’s no hope for me to do anything with the time I am living?

Also, I can’t say that accomplishing my own dreams and my own will can be the purpose of my life, and so it applies to any other human. There must be some meaningful role that has been given to us to play on, which have the impact on others. The most meaningful work probably would be to impact on other human lives. As of from my position, I’d like to think that if I am of any use then I’d rather make that impact on others in a good way or in other words for the betterment. One of first things that I’d have to learn what is betterment, isn’t it something that is not harmful for anyone and isn’t it something that can bring true ever lasting happiness to all? But all of the world people are doing things and saying that it really is for the betterment of all the human soul, but I’ve always felt that those are not. May be my thoughts are controversial but, if it is fallacious then why anyone can’t shows the fallacy in my reasoning? Is there any undoubted true knowledge with which the everlasting happiness can be ensured?

Author's note: I wrote this in early 2007, I'd really like the answers and everyone's view.
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Tina S : If you keep confidence and try hard then obviously you will accomplish your challenges. No one wants to die, everyone continues struggle till his last breath. We always hope for change, we trust that after bad days new days must come and somewhere we have faith thats why we survive until we die. You must find the meaning of your living. Don't waste time to search the meaning of life. We all have same capabilities, may we don't use it properly. Some people may learn quickly and some may need time, Some also may forget easily and some may memorize for long time, thats not any big issue. If you are looking for happiness then I want to say that, happiness is totally a mental stage. You can ensure your everlasting happiness by doing some ways. I think people lost their happiness because they forget their own stuffs and run after some others which can ruin their life. Try to find whom and which is yours and what you are doing. You will never achieve happiness by hurting others, always mind this. If you want happiness then you must give happiness to others. Nature is not partial, if you hurt others you will never be able to be happy. Everlasting Happiness is found on human.

Apr 29, 2010 at 02:54 AM, Thursday  

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