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This argument comes to answer the question about the most pleasurable?

Zakir Hossain
Zakir Hossain
Nov 11, 2009
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Since the question of pleasure is concerned it is common to think about the physical pleasures, but my argument comes how exactly these physical pleasures comes to sense and makes us to feel it. Like the food that makes the sense of taste, but it requires a particular sensing organ that actually develops the sensation and the brain lets us know that the food is tasteful. But still different people will decide different foods to be tasteful. So any particular food can't be hold responsible for the pleasure gained by it, since different people are having different amount of pleasure from the same food.

It can be a possibility that the feeling of taste is the pleasurable, not the food. But then the argument can be involved that different people will find different things to be pleasurable, like some would say that music is more pleasurable then food. When one will start having food the pleasure of having it will eventually decreases, and so it happens for every case of pleasurable activity. So it can be defined of satisfactory completion of that demand is the pleasurable activity. But then if all the demand is met, will that make someone happy?

Its hard to answer but, in common sense what does sounds more pleasurable state, eating the food or after eating the food? There's possibility of both being pleasurable either eating the food or just being without the demand of having food. But the same argument can be drawn here to prove that it would be different for different people, some would like to have more activity or meet the demand of that activity more attractive then food. But, it can be said that whatever the activity, it actually meets the demand or satisfies the demand. But still it isn't clear about what kind of demand.

So the question arises, if the pleasure is in meeting the demand or in the demand itself. The counter example would be when it is not pleasurable, when the demand is not met or negatively met. From that argument it can easily be said that the pleasure is actually felt from the understanding that the demand is being fulfilled or has been fulfilled.

So, whenever we understand that some activity is pleasurable, we feel the demand for it. Since we have all the understanding from the external senses, all these demands can be programmed into us from out side and can be influenced.

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Tina, S ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Tina S : I think before eating the food creates more pleasure than eating food and if one satisfy then one don't feel to eat that food instantly.

Nov 11, 2009 at 01:59 PM, Wednesday  

Zakir, Hossain ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Zakir Hossain : So, you are actually suggesting that, it's more pleasurable NOT to eat since the pleasure is "before" eating the food? So, the pleasure is in being hungry?

Nov 11, 2009 at 03:09 PM, Wednesday  

Tina, S ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Tina S : When I feel hungry I feel pleasure if there is a chance to have good food. But hungry is not being pleasure always specially to poor people.

Nov 12, 2009 at 06:02 AM, Thursday  

Zakir, Hossain ,, Photos, Picture, Album

Zakir Hossain : You are saying as if for anyone being hungry can be pleasurable?

Dec 8, 2009 at 06:36 AM, Tuesday  

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