The Holy Cross College in Dhaka

The deceptive and manipulative nature of an education institute that is corrupting the youth of Bangladesh.

Zakir Hossain
Zakir Hossain
Dec 6, 2009
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The holy cross college in Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of the most deceptive educational institutes, are misleading our people and children. The result of the board exams is good only in the science section because they politically manipulate to get good students admitted. Since they get good students the students themselves make good result; it’s not really the credit of the institute. And the use their political influence to get the good students admitted.

There are several complains of treating the Muslim students in that school badly, they are even forced to take off their clothes to match their way, several students have been harassed for wearing hijab or borka. They do take Muslim students admitted but they don’t teach them as Muslims. The Holy Cross College is actually a propaganda institute to convert Muslim girls into Christians. They start their propaganda from kindergarten till class 12.

Several Muslim students have been harassed at the road side in front of the College to take off their borka/hijab while standing on the road. Several Muslim girls get punished for behaving like Muslims (!). A senior teacher named sister Polin have been known to be very active against wearing properly long clothes or dressing up with modesty. Several other teachers followed her example, and still do.

There are many clear prove of their propaganda, the song, that they make all of their students to sing every day, is forbidden for Muslims and Hindus to sing, but still they force them to sing such racist and bigoted verses. Such as, they have more than 92% Muslim and Hindu students, and the school makes them say that they “hail to the holy cross”. It is notable that it doesn’t say that the they hail to the college but they hail to the holy cross, which might be alright for a catholic to say that but why would anyone else hail to holy cross? Isn’t that Hitler-istic to force or deceive some children to say things that are against their own religion? Further in that Song it says “Holy Cross, we shall be loyal, holy Cross, we shall be true”; it should be noted that it’s the cross that they are asking you to be loyal and true not the college. How can they force everyone from every religion to say such things? Besides they are children, most of them are young. Isn’t it inhuman to oppress children against their own religion? Isn’t it disrespectful to other religions? They don’t really respect any other religion as long as they manipulate them to use for their own benefit.

The church sisters of the congress of the holy cross are appointed in a non-Christian country with the mission to convert the non-christians, specially the tribal people of Bangladesh who are being in minority and they have quota system for admitting them, mostly in humanities and commerce group. That’s why these groups have comparatively bad result in the board examinations. But to make a good face with the good result they admit good students with good results in mainly science section as well as others and keep them busy with exams and propaganda, so they can make good result for themselves and bring good name for the College.

This political practice is being continued since several years now and they have successfully converted a lot of students. There have been several news in the National news papers in Bangladesh that some of the teachers control some corrupted people in the education board of Dhaka with the money they get from the foreign donors and manipulated question papers and results several times. Otherwise, if you compare the number of teachers and the qualification of the teachers are not very bright.

Moreover in lower classes they keep the children occupied with extra-curricular activities so much that it only brings good a displayable advertise for the College and the students are extremely in false condition. To eliminate these bad students (made by holy cross college) they just transfer them to other schools or don’t allow them to study in science group or the group of their choice.

I personally know several students who get mental trauma and confidence loss because of the behavior they get from the teachers of the College. Several students have lost the chance to study in subjects of their choice.

The church might have a noble cause of converting the non-Christians and show them the light of Jesus Christ, but the way the administration of Holy Cross College Dhaka is treating their students, and manipulating the children with propaganda is nothing more than dirty politics and dirty marketing of a very generous religion. In Bible there are several places where it is said to show respect to other religions but they ignore Bible and goes against the teaching of Jesus Christ.

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