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Green Lantern (2011) - Movie Reveiw

by Derek Thompson | Oct 22, 2010
A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.
Plot Synopsis In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that... »read more
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Upcoming movie: Rango

by Derek Thompson | Feb 4, 2011
Starring Johnny Depp
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Action Starring: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy, Stephen Root, Ray Winstone, Beth Grant, Ned Beatty, Harry Dean Stanton, Alfred Molina Directed by: Gore Verbinski Release date: Fri 04, Mar 2011 Trailer: Review:... »read more
Rating: 0 1 2 3 4 5 | Views: 2031 | Entertainment

Sherlock Holmes 2 Movie Review

by Penelope Truce | Jan 23, 2011
Release Date: December 16, 2011 Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Guy Ritchie Screenwriter: Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Jared Harris, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Fry, Gilles Lellouche Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery... »read more
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Ten Famous Movies Of Al Pacino

by Tina S | Jan 4, 2010
A Famous actor who is 69 years old but still famous because of his extreme, unique and undeniable talents ..
  Alfredo James "Al" Pacino (born April 25, 1940) is an American film and stage actor and director.Al Pacino has been one of the top actors in the movie industry for quite some time. He is arguably the most accomplished actor of his generation. His personality and passion have... »read more
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What Is Mass Media

by Tina S | Jan 13, 2010
The definition, advantages and disadvantages of mass media..
  Mass media denotes a section of the media specifically designed to reach a very large audience such as the population of a nation state. Mass media is any medium used to transmit mass communication. Until recently mass media was clearly defined and was comprised of the eight mass media... »read more
Rating: 0 1 2 3 4 5 | Views: 2482 | Entertainment

Ice Age: Continental Drift

by Penelope Truce | Feb 1, 2011
An adventure, family, 3D Animation movie, also known as: Ice Age 4
Synopsis: The 4th installment of the "Ice Age" franchise sees Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie and Scrat frozen solid and accidentally defrosted in a museum in present day.  Trailer: In Movie Theaters:    July 13, 2012 Starring: Ray Romano Queen Latifah Denis... »read more
Rating: 0 1 2 3 4 5 | Views: 1946 | Entertainment

Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

by Penelope Truce | Oct 9, 2010 actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term exam
The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term exam. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well...... »read more
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The Frustrations of a Computer Literate Watching a Newbie Use a Computer

by Penelope Truce | Jan 18, 2011
MOM: “That doesn’t work.” ME: “Did you type it exactly as I said.” MOM: “Yes, I did.” ME: “Let me do it.” MOM: “What you told me to do doesn’t work..” ME: “You’re right. Let’s try it... »read more
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Philosophy Jokes

by Sandy Moore | Sep 29, 2009
Rene Descartes walks into a resturant and sits down for dinner. The waiter comes over and asks if he'd like an appetizer "No thank you" says Descartes, "I'd just like to order dinner" "Would you like to hear our daily specials?" asks the waiter "No"... »read more
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History of Santa Clause

by Tina S | Dec 12, 2009
Santa Clause is generally depicted as a fat, jolly man with a white beard, dressed in a red suit trimmed with white, and driving a sleigh full of toys drawn through the air by eight reindeer.
Santa Claus is a round, happy man (sometimes depicted as an elf) who brings good cheer and gifts to children throughout the world on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is especially famous for his love of children and for his generosity so much so that he has become the patron saint of children.... »read more
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