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What Is Pride?Part-8

by Tina S | Nov 9, 2009
Seven Deadly Sins
  Pride The word PRIDE looks simple but it serves different purposes in life. Simple Pride is self-love. Pride is the opposite of humility. Pride is the complete anti-God state of mind. It means pleasure or satisfaction taken in achievement or the opposite as arrogant or disdainful... »read more
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Observing Modesty - A Men's and Women's Hijab

by Serenity . | Jun 11, 2011
Public Lecture By Hassanain Rajabali
Observing Modesty - A Men's and Women's Hijab | Hassanain Rajabali     Modesty of Men & Women - Hajj Hassanain Rajabali | Lecture 11 Ramadhan 1430 2009 [HD] »read more
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What Is Envy?Part-7

by Tina S | Nov 9, 2009
Seven Deadly Sins
  Envy Envy is a complex and puzzling emotion. It is, notoriously, one of the seven deadly sins. It is very commonly charged with being (either typically or universally) unreasonable, irrational, imprudent, vicious, or wrong to feel. Another way, Envy (also called invidiousness) may... »read more
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Maryam (Mary)

by Penelope Truce | Mar 18, 2011
Mother of Jesus (AS)
Maryam (Mary), the mother of Isa (Jesus), was a pious Muslim woman during the time of Prophet Zakariyya. She was Maryam daughter Imran from the family lineage of Dawud (David), the offspring of the Children of Israel. In the Quran there is a chapter named Maryam which talks about Maryam, her... »read more
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Fatimah bint Muhammad (Sallalaho Alaihe Wassallam) (RA)

by Penelope Truce | Mar 18, 2011
The Resplendent One
Fatimah was the fifth child of Muhammad (Sallalaho Alaihe Wassallam) and Khadijah. She was born at a time when her noble father had begun to spend long periods in the solitude of mountains around Makkah, meditating and reflecting on the great mysteries of creation. This was the time, before... »read more
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Entering into Islam

by Penelope Truce | May 13, 2011
Narration by World famous Orator, Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Yusuf Estes Before   Yusaf Estes is a prominent Scholar who travels around the Globe Spreading the message of God, he also distributes video and audio lectures. Below is a very interesting short autobiography of how he  converted from a Christian Preacher to a Muslim Chaplin,... »read more
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Pork is Forbidden in Christianity

by Tina S | Nov 14, 2009
Bible says not to eat pork
Many Christians think that Pork is clean and Pork can be eaten. So they are eating pork. But in the Bible, Pork is strictly prohibited. Both the Bible and the Qur’an prohibit the eating of pork. Muslims are aware of this prohibition and observe it strictly. However, most readers of the... »read more
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Surah Al - Fatihah -

by Syeda Tasneem Rumy | Nov 7, 2009
1. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 2. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds; 3. Most Gracious, Most Merciful; 4. Master of the Day of Judgment. 5. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek. 6. Show us the straight way, 7. The way of... »read more
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by Serenity . | Mar 22, 2011
The Long Awaited Visitor - Sh. Salem al-Amry
»read more
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Things to do in Ramadan

by Serenity . | Jul 22, 2011
Important things to know about the things we should do in the coming month of Ramadhan to get Allah's blessing and please our creator almighty Allah
During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for the entire month, an act that brings joy and contentment to every Muslim who experiences the practice. We pray that this blessed month brings divine blessings to all of us. This year, Muslims celebrate the month of fasting... »read more
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