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Chiociz, Boqabsay
Chiociz Boqabsay
Feb 22, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Ways to Install Aion: The Tower Of Eternity  , Ways to Install Aion: The Tower Of Eternity  , Ways to Install Aion: The Tower Of Eternity  , Ways to Install Aion: The Tower Of Eternity  , Ways to Install Aion: The Tower Of Eternity

Ways to Install Aion: The Tower Of Eternity

aion accounts

I composed this guide due to the fact that while downloading and installing aion accounts: The Eternal Tower, I ran into a couple of snags. So for anyone who follows me and has the exact same concerns this will act like the magic pill.

Who is this guide for:.

This guide is generally for prelaunch (Beta) and anyone who has actually bought the game with the official NCSoft Store. For those of you who were fortunate sufficient to have the option of purchasing your game with NCSoft's official sponsor such as Amazon and Gamestop, you will receive a copy of the game on 2 DVDs when it's officially released.

The Guide:.

-- First acquisition Aion (shocked?), if you haven't done so yet NCSoft is having a pre-order promo: if you pre-order Aion now from any of these place Amazon, Gamestop, or NCSoft your immediately welcomed to all the beta.

-- When the game is bought sign up for an NCSoft account if you haven't yet and login. You're now provide an option to make use of an activation or serial code, so apply the code (under "Use a Serial Code") and produce an in-game account. As soon as all that is done you're provided a link to download the client.

-- Double click the aion customer to start download/install (fast note: the client itself works as an installer, it in fact downloads and installs the whole game for you. So if you uninstall the game you need to download the whole thing once again!).

-- Right here is the method there are actually 2 parts to download first part has to do with 5000MB around 5GB and the 2nd part is 7GB. You might think the whole game is 12 GB however it in fact is only about 8 GB large I have no idea why.

As soon as the first patch finishs downloading you must run the NCSoft Launch then click on the little arrow on the Aion tab, and run both Examine For Updates and Repair work (Consistency Inspect) that should begin downloading your Second part.

-- Now that you have actually set up the game prior to you could run and play the game, you need to make certain that you have DirectX 9.0 c (June 08) or above, the game will not run without it. You could download the current DirectX at Microsoft updates website.

-- Finally Click Play and Enjoy !!

Ways to backup your game game.

I discovered this out when I realized the game is more than 5GB and it would take for life to download. A couple of buddies of mine all have actually pre-ordered the game, and we figured why download the game more than when that's a lot of bandwidth wasted. So we chose that one of us will download the game and we'll simply copy and install it.

Right here is Exactly how:.

-First copy the whole NCSoft Folder. It needs to have two folders in it Launcher and Aion. If you have many others NCSoft games like Lineage 2 or Guildwars, I would picture they would be in it too leave them alone. Now the game is very big you can either do what I did which is to use a 30GB IPod video to upload the files or use a burnable dual-layer DVD which can hold about 8GB of information. Now your game is backup.

-To reinstall the game in the future all you need to do is copy and paste the entire NCSoft Folder to any where you like on your computer system by default it's (C: Program Data NCSoft) but you could put it anywhere you such as.

-Once the whole folder has actually been copied to your computer go to the folder NCSoft-)Launcher and run the launcher.

-Now the launcher does not acknowledge the game as set up; right here is what you do.

1. Click on the little arrow on the aion tab.

2. Click homes and a new window is visiting popup called Aion Properties.

3. Under Install Locations click browse.

4. Discover the Aion. bin which ought to be under (yourpathNCSoftAionbin32AION. bin) * yourpath is where you put your ncsoft folder!

5. Click Open then click OK under aion homes window.

6. Lastly under the little arrow once more click Repair (Consistency Check) it should take about 10-15min relying on your pc rate. Now you could either run the game or check for any brand-new updates !!

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