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Jessie, Sun
Jessie Sun
Mar 27, 2013
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Passive Skills Skill Description:

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Passive Skills Skill Description: For Revenge: each completed a kill or assists, Wei Lusi will temporarily get attack speed bonus. If the enemy is a hero, this addition will last longer. For an ADC, which is a great passive, First ADC badly in need of IAS, followed creeps solid skills so that you can keep 20% attack speed buff equal out to send free dagger Online skills introduced: the dagger, attack speed increased more conducive creeps, and harass each other allows you to multi-point of each other, accounting for a little wow buy gold . Kill the hero or assists the effect of the 40% attack speed so you team battles Yuezhanyueyong. To be noted is that the two acceleration effect does not stack, repeatedly triggered the buff effect only refresh the buff triggered at the same time, just take the kill heroes buff, kill creeps and kill the hero buff. Q skills skills: Piercing Arrow: Wei Lusi begin Charge, followed by a distant powerful shooting, the Charge of the longer, the higher the injury. The first cast: Wei Lusi Charge, slowly raise his next shooting range and damage. Second cast: Wei Lusi arrows out enemy causing 10/43/77/110/143 (+1.0) to 15/65/115/165/215 (+1.6) physical damage per hit an enemy, the damage will be reduced by 15% (at least 33% of the damage) Charge stage, Wei Lusi's movement speed by 20%. Charge over four seconds, then the puncture Arrow will cast fails, but will refund half the mana cost. Use of this skill is so, first click on Q, Wei Lusi began to Charge and since less movement speed, damage and range of skills quickly, you can see that circle expanding, this time you can Yong Right Mobile go a bit the button pressed Wei Lusi arrows to move in that direction. Pay attention to the in Charge course of Wei Lusi not ordinary attack, whether the Right not to say, one of the most important principles of the cast are: 1, if the wow gold farm turned and fled, while starting Charge side of his escape direction to pursue, in the range of skills to the maximum immediately shot to the Charge process yourself is your movement speed deceleration after the skill range is no longer increase, while you are still in the deceleration state, Friend or Foe distance only widens, so fills force Q skill would not hit anyone, then there is no way to catch up with him, and if the enemy front and you fight, or fight other teammates, short, meaning he did not run, then you have to beginning Charge immediately release skills, the reason for this is because when you Charge can not ping A Bie this tightly skill damage, but the ordinary attack failed, but the output will be much lower.

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