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keyshia, daniels
keyshia daniels
Apr 11, 2013
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"Buy-out" claim has no legal basis

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Thanks to the strength of public power, tried to use the money to "seal" can only be described as knowing the wrong. More crucial problem is, the law does not recognize this "voluntary"-forced to "voluntarily" should go to the invalid.

On March 19, tongshan County, Hubei Province died after 42 years old women Shen Hongxia ligation on the ground. According to Cheap Nike Air Max2 CB 94 the victim's husband, said that families obtain "compensation" 1 million, divided into two stages, provided that the "voluntary give up responsibility." In response, the party propaganda Department of the local news section to determine if this sum of money is not in the financial allocations from the Government sector, agreement is not signed. Regardless of where the money was paid from, is not justified.

The so-called "voluntary renunciation of accountable" for free outside the orbit of rule of law, it is difficult to have substantive binding effect on the families of the victims. Not to mention accountability there are many levels, such as executive accountability, disciplinary responsibility, criminal responsibility, within the scope of the functions of the public authority, the injured party is not empowered to give up. Even the injured party can Cheap Nike Air More Uptempo abandon civil responsibility, if the victim is forced by threats, or other conditions that may affect its real intention, should also be held to be invalid.

Is more silent, an agreement signed by the families of the victims and the local family planning service station, called "agreement was signed, the owner (families of victims) to party b shall not for any reason (family planning service station) and requests for any other units......" what is this other? Why family planning service station as subjects of responsibility impartially think for these units, also prefer to spend heavily to block victims ' families to "other" activist way?

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