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keyshia, daniels
keyshia daniels
Apr 11, 2013
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We want rational epidemics

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So far, H7N9 has yet to pose a great impact on the lives of ordinary people in China. In addition to Jiangsu and Zhejiang native opportunistic purchase of radix isatidis and individual spreading rumours or lying about things, people are calmly watched the development of the outbreak. "In this outbreak, not only China's progress, and people's scientific literacy is rising. "

Yang gonghuan, Professor of Cheap Jordan Melo M8 Peking Union Medical University said that despite our H7N9 has not fully understood that uncertainty does mean dangerous, but this is not a reason to panic for all, should our nation's ability to maintain the correct attitude to unknown things.

"Up to now, this time, we do quite well. ” And the different SARS, China today is not a panic situation; and before Japan nuclear leak different, today's China is also Rob salt farce does not occur. Outbreak kept people care about and vigilance, Vivien has not improved much. "After various experiences before, because it is recognized that unnecessary panic only brings worry, hurt and loss. In front of Cheap Nike Air Max2 CB 94 the epidemic, we ordinary people also need a spirit of scientific and rational. Even H7N9 continue to mutate, we have to believe that humans will one way or another. No matter what they are, but do not panic! "Yang gonghuan said.

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