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bradley anthony
Mar 29, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Or religious conflicts involving Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar ethnic conspiracy  , Or religious conflicts involving Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar ethnic conspiracy  , Or religious conflicts involving Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar ethnic conspiracy  , Or religious conflicts involving Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar ethnic conspiracy  , Or religious conflicts involving Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar ethnic conspiracy

Or religious conflicts involving Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar ethnic conspiracy

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On March 20 in the central Myanmar city of Mandalay, Meiktila jindian trade conflicts caused by the outbreak of large-scale violence, at least 40 people have been killed, tens of thousands of people displaced, and several day event on 25th night of violence also spread to the capital city of Rangoon near several Muslim communities. Last year in June and October in luoxingjiaren with local Muslim groups erupted between Buddhist Rakhine State conflicts of the recent incidents of violence against Muslims, Myanmar ethnic confrontation and religious conflicts seem to have become the democratic and reform process in Myanmar's largest resistance, this antagonism before further deterioration of growth and how to effectively control the situation is the Government must now face formidable challenges.

March 20 of Mandalay province key iron pulled city a market within, together General of gold ornaments sale disputed is accident to led to has together mass Brawl event, and quickly to speech into for Muslim groups of violence conflict, led to at least 40 people death, tens of people fled homes, days within, this peace of small town on because violence, and death, and threat, and refugees and curfew these words become newspaper headlines and international social of concern focus. Myanmar Government forces have just controlled the situation of relatively stable situation on the ground, the night of 25th, no origins of violence once again staged in two small towns near Yangon, the capital, the same point is the objective remains to local Muslim communities and mosques.

"There is a conspiracy behind the violence, because the source is in fact starting from Rakhine State, strained relations between the local Muslim and Buddhist populations. But only from the event view, there are political factors involved, I think there are some who want to see this kind of thing happening, it is a conspiracy. ”

Committed to the establishment of the ASEAN Commission on human rights in Myanmar Burma Myanmar people's Forum of non-governmental organizations leader juelinwu said in an interview. He said that, in Myanmar, the Muslims not Fake Ray Bans only live in Rakhine State, equally distributed in various other parts of Myanmar, especially the central region. This religious conflict is not the first time it happened, as early as 1988, years ago, some cities occurred in the middle of violence against Muslims, and in 2003, a similar event had occurred. This Rakhine forces behind the violence began a series of religious conflicts have led, its main purpose is to crack down and interfere with the process of democratic and economic reforms of the current Government.

But from the Union of Myanmar national development party member Wu Daai has a different interpretation. Wu Daai born in the Rakhine State of Myanmar, has been dedicated to the luoxingjiaren group of Rakhine State to secure the necessary rights and citizenship. Luo Xing Buddha Myanmar border Rakhine State with Bangladesh a Muslim minority ethnic groups in the region, is the 7-8 century Arab merchants and Iran businessmen with Bengali people, Pashtuns and the continued integration of Myanmar indigenous form of mixed-race people. Since 1978, luoxingjiaren continued to be abuses of the military junta in Myanmar, physical integrity and freedom of movement has been severely restricted, and most of them have been denied Myanmar citizenship and become stateless persons. Due to religious reasons, luoxingjiaren have been incompatible with the surrounding Buddhist nation, both sides broke out mutual massacres in history. Recent large-scale conflict broke out last June, was declared a State of emergency on the ground, some 75,000 people displaced, many houses were burned, and another explosive conflict broke out in October of the same year in which hundreds of people were killed and another 36,000 people to flee their homes.

Wu Daai believes that occurred on February 17 this year in the violence, as well as in the middle of March in Mandalay of violence last year in Rakhine State for luoxingjiaren the continuation of violent conflict, and this series of events is planned and premeditated, and luoxingjiaren are the main targets.

"There are extremist forces behind inciting the riots against Muslims, but the destination is luoxingjiaren. Their goal was an attempt to expel ruoxingya people, or a place they arrived, forcing them to flee. ”

According to the 1982 Myanmar citizenship law stipulates that before 1832 only Myanmar citizenship living in Myanmar's ethnic groups, the Myanmar Government claimed that never happened in the history of Myanmar "luoxingjiaren" records, after such groups in 1832 came to Myanmar after a migration, so are not recognized as citizens of Myanmar. While many luoxingjiaren groups and organizations have been fighting for their rights, but the ethnic situation is still not optimistic. Myanmar's largest opposition party, the National League for democracy spokesman Nyan Win said in an interview, in other countries, up to a certain time will be able to apply for citizenship, although the NLD does not see luoxingjiaren in the history of Myanmar, but out of Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer humanitarian concern, want to be able to modify relevant laws, as they seek to apply for opportunities for citizens ' rights.

"Whether it is luoxingjiaren or Bengali, they are all human, our policy is to adopt the amendments of the law so that they can have the opportunity to become citizens in Myanmar, which is in accordance with international standards of practice. We are not opposed to this group, we are human beings, they should receive the necessary care. ”

Analysts agreed that, regardless of whether the current violence conflict began in luoxingjiaren of Rakhine State, also was the force behind for others to consider, next actions and measures to be taken by the Government of Myanmar can effectively stop this trend of development on State, society and the people of Myanmar, as well as democratic and economic reform process have a significant impact. Union of Myanmar national development party member Wu Daai says: "so what developments in the situation of violence depends on the policies of the Federal Government, if they hesitate, so that violent conflict may be around the set off, our community will lose the peace and stability of Myanmar as well as harmony between all peoples, at the same time we will also lose the results of democratic reform. We also need for the international community to assist us in achieving peace and stability based on the principles of harmonious coexistence. ”

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