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bradley anthony
Mar 29, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Bucks roll back 4 the end of the Lakers ' losing streak Bryant 30 points  , Bucks roll back 4 the end of the Lakers ' losing streak Bryant 30 points  , Bucks roll back 4 the end of the Lakers ' losing streak Bryant 30 points  , Bucks roll back 4 the end of the Lakers ' losing streak Bryant 30 points  , Bucks roll back 4 the end of the Lakers ' losing streak Bryant 30 points

Bucks roll back 4 the end of the Lakers ' losing streak Bryant 30 points

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Bryant-17 shooting, free throws 18 20 penalties contributed 30 points and another 6 in error, free throws and fine personal season high number. Nash 16-6 assists distal injury the back changing room, distal segment does not debut, Howard 15 points 15 rebounds, antawn Jamison 13 points 7 rebounds, Mick ' 11 points, Gasol 12 points 9 rebounds. Bucks Zhan Ning, 20 minutes and 7 assists, Sanders 21 points 13 rebounds, Ellis 18 points 7 rebounds 9 assists, Daniels 16, yiyasuowa 20.

Yiyasuowa took the lead in top of the arc after the jump shot to start hitting, but the Lakers made 8-0 impact right away, Gasol low shaft proven, Warcraft is back-to-back storms buckle. But buck double is not a vegetarian, Aisley Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses raids bothering dribblers and succeeding Jennings flank three minutes after hitting the two teams draw 10-10. Howard finished 3rd offensive foul occurs after a storm button, back end for two but committed. After both sides enter the tug-of-war, closely matched up. Section starts with the last 3 minutes, Bryant took over the first attack after individuals who had 8 points, helping the Lakers leading 25-18 end first.

Nash and Blake hit back-to-back three points, but the bucks is not a strength, the former rockets guard Nash succeeding breakthrough bothering dribblers and Smith singled, 26-31. The Lakers have taken over the gap to the number two, Nash Smith foul 3 penalties, visiting team-leading 11 points. Mix then bothering dribblers, 41-28. The bucks, after all, young and, under the leadership of the two guns both shrinking difference, Jennings assists Ellis attack on the hand, the score had become 46-50. Nash returned fire at a crucial moment, Bryant fast break finish storm buckles, Jennings also complained about referee then eat technical foul. Sanders Clark foul both before halftime ended, scores hold of 53-56, Bucks behind 3.

Ex situ will try Gasol also sent high Dunks, Warcraft complete storm buckle. But after Stags even scored 6 points, catching Sanders complete the storm front rebound under buckles, the home team in 59-58 one. Lakers followed by outgoing 8-2 impact, Gasol baseline jump shot hit, the score becomes 66-61, section of the bucks fought a very reasonable, both within and outside the flowering of the Lakers completely flummoxed, antawn Jamison low-level error occurs at a crucial moment, farm direct Daniels after tackling, storm Sanders score deduction becomes 70-69. Totally dysfunctional Lakers attack this time, male deer fight back, bothering dribblers and Mott after they, the home team had been leading 8. Bryant immediately bothering dribblers to the Lakers to stop bleeding, followed by Pan assists antawn Jamison bothering dribblers. Three wars, the Lakers down 77-82.

Antawn Jamison and distal Howard who had 6 points, Lakers 83-82 one 1 point. Then two tug, closely Fake Ray Bans ClubMaster matched up, Jennings cast Howard after two penalties in a third, 89-90 Golden Legion backward 1 minute. Ellis, who had 6 points at a crucial moment, Bryant without a strength raids on three successful, Lakers narrow the gap to 4 points. Only bucks parties reasonable, after Sanders made a foul in both Ellis assists Daniels hit three points, the bucks leading 100-92. Bryant's strong vote in three minutes is not the Ellis jump shot, 102-92, the Lakers were forced to request a brief suspension.

Pause after the Lakers ' failures, Daniels tackling Mick storm, and Bryant finally both yiyasuowa jump shot and then, 106-94. Bryant's strong vote in three minutes remained, Gasol easily bothering dribblers and storm after they yiyasuowa the basket under the basket, bucks in game 2-12 would still lead 12 minutes before the end, the Lakers that ship has sailed.

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