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Nov 5, 2012
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Early Effacement and Dilation Question Hi all. I'm hoping for some advice from you smart ladies. I'm 18 weeks pregnant. I have a toddler at home, which means I'm doing a lot of heavy lifting and carrying. Every time I overextend myself, I have a lot of pain around my cervix and pelvic floor and I pass what seems to be a very large Moncler Sale chunk of my mucus plug. This only happens in conjuction with a lot of lifting or exertion and in conjuction with cramping and pain. I have a history of 39 week deliveries (two) and also a history of irritable uterus and very early effacement. My first pregnancy, I went in for a check in my 2nd trimester after feeling extreme pressure and my midwife discovered I was +1 and 100% effaced. I ended up hospitalized and then on home bed rest with medication, but I went to term in the end. I understand that early dilation and effacement don't mean early delivery. My midwives don't even do regular cervical checks for this reason. I just am not feeling quite right, though, so I checked my self. was unusually soft. Right away I could tell I was all the way effaced and a finger tip or more so I got my out of there ASAP. concerned. I was able to take it really easy when I felt the need during previous pregnancies (my kids are 7 years apart), but now I can't. My husband works up to 70 hr weeks and travels all the time, so there is no way I can do even partial bedrest. My gut feeling that I not make it to term, which will mean a hospital birth. What would you do in this situation? Thanks. I'm a SAHM. My toddler is 15 months and he just learned to walk, so he is still very awkward on his feet. My oldest is 8 and has lots of activities out of the house, so I'm carting LO around and chasing and carrying him all the time. At home he can just play, but when we are at the ballet studio or at DD's other activities, he is into everything. At turkey day, he was all over my mom's non-childproofed house, so I was on my feet baby wrangling all day. I can deal with normal everyday stuff. It's the toddler lifting that's really getting to me. I don't see any way out of having to chase and lift LO all the time. When I was due with my 4th my 3rd was going to be 12 months, they are 1 year apart. So towards the end when he was walking like 10-11months old I just held his hand a lot and walked slow. Not due to preterm contractions, dilation, or effacement, simply because I was so big that alone made me outta breath. advice would be to take it easy I know it seems unreasonable to even Moncler Jackets think you could do it but you can. Putting off house work does not make you a bad mom and you will eventually catch back up. Also your 8 year old can help you with a lot. Cheap Moncler Jackets They also vacuum their own rooms, dust, clean windows, and mirrors weekly. My 8 year old vacuums one of the living rooms on his own along with other chores. So even though it may not be easy slow down so this LO is healthy and you are not put in a situation you are hospitalized that would add a lot more stress on everyone. this was long I HTH. GL Mamma! I understand what you are going through. I had bedrest with my first two, my second was when my son was only 18 months old. agree with the other PP, you have to slow down and bring in help! you do have to leave home, get a cheapo small umbrella stroller and take it everywhere with you instead of carrying your toddler. do this now with my 2yo. I go grocery shopping, my 7 yo pushes the stroller while I push the cart (I don't want to lift her all the way into the cart). helps a lot. It might seem "impossible" do some modified bedrest now, but it certainly beats being in a hospital and everyone will have to do it without you anyway!! Thanks for the feedback everyone. I guess the consensus is that I'm not being a nervous Nellie, I probably should be concerned. I saw OB once time I was pregnant. She told me that the bedrest, hospitalization and meds I dealt with the first time were not justified with evidence-based medicine. She told me there is no science to prove that of those measures prolonged my pregnancy (or prolong any pregnancy). She said was going to deliver at 39 weeks anyway, and the best predictor of would deliver the future is previous births. Now I'm confused. My gut says is of it and I should be careful, but I did go through an entire pregnancy on my feet and contracting daily only to deliver at 39 weeks again. I guess I'll see what the midwife says tomorrow. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site.

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