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jecicca, allen
jecicca allen
Dec 4, 2012
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Rating: 0  , The culture of boots history  , The culture of boots history  , The culture of boots history  , The culture of boots history  , The culture of boots history

The culture of boots history

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 In fact, the duke of Wellington and not a boast, Cheap UGGs in infantry war era, long march makes shoes wear rate is quite amazing, many people in the shoes worn out after only crustily skin of head bare feet war. So whether can be equipped with strong wear resistant xue often becomes the key to the war. In 1863 the civil war, the south FangJun get news, in the Gettysburg warehouse storage in many military boots, and the idea of moving the robbery. However FangJun south to the warehouse, did not get the military boots, wait until their it is the northern troops ambush. So a around military boots spread of combat, and eventually become the north and south army large-scale Gettysburg campaign.

German prime minister bismarck once said, Cheap UGGs "marching boots and footsteps is forces powerful weapon." In fact, the German clothing is still the model of men's clothing of aesthetics. As early as 1866 years of Prussia period, the German army boots for cow leather brown boots, look very terrible. Over the same period, wear their military boots have become the head of the army of the other European countries practice. The czar of Russia's military rule stipulated that the armed forces must be equipped with long legs and the military boots, in order to reflect JunWei. After that, even though the war gradually transition to the mechanized forces, but in their traditional military boots or save it. Until after world war ii, American developed more scientific "jungle boots" and later used in the gulf war "desert boots", Cheap UGGs the traditional military boots really into history.
Once, tall canister boots is part of the male tool. Pirates from Britain and early American merchant ship some members like to wear top wide tall canister boots. Because of the "high", smuggling valuable items is very convenient. "Bootlegging", namely "high", and then it was in the 1920 s the United States prohibition period of a very popular vocabulary, because at that time those who wear tall canister boots is often illegal production and sales of liquor. The gulf war let desert boots reputation. This kind of fabric xue by moisture leather and prepare nylon, shoe surface with zipper to prevent sand into; In XueDe design cancelled puncture-proof sheet steel, join honeycomb aluminum cover, in order to reduce the mine on the foot of the degree of damage. Cheap UGGs At the same time, XueDe rubber is soft, can prevent the sand gravel luo feet.

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