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Mar 26, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Negro and his The Clippers  , Negro and his The Clippers  , Negro and his The Clippers  , Negro and his The Clippers  , Negro and his The Clippers

Negro and his The Clippers

Negro and his The Clippers

But the Clippers fans news team actually reversed once the pit for 19 points, with Barnes, Crawford, Paul Griffin [microblogging] et al whopping offensive team in the game The final stage 100 99 overtake opponents, but unfortunately thrown into the most important in Westbrook hand not soft cast. The goal after Serena sculpture generally stand still arrayed pose, to any sidelines boos and screams as notair jordan retro 7 sale hing.

Three games lost to Thunder combat. Spurs robust forward from the current standings in the form of Thunder and Clippers is likely to meet in the second round of the playoffs. Record and home court advantage with a sweep of the Thunder should be happy to become a Clippers opponent. Course, with Tony - Parker injured, the the Spurs first position is not stable, the three teams in the top three of the contest is not a pure strength so simple, if there is to lose can avoid the nemesis of the proposition, Negro and his The Clippers will make a choice of what?

Viagra less quasi lore glared Clippers fans? Explanation: I see my dad!
Ticker (Los Angeles 3, 2009), March 4, which is not a state best Thunder, but the road to withstand the Clippers [microblogging] frenzied counterattack, Oklahomcheap air jordan retro 8  a 108 than 104 to win ball this season after the Clippers' three-game winning streak, swept.

"This is a very intense game of physical confrontation, the two teams played a high-intensity, just like in the playoffs," Thunder coach Scott - Brooks [microblogging] said, "our first half defense well, the second half was somewhat lax, but very pleased that we can eventually win the game. "

Brooks as saying that in addition to the trend of tcheap air jordan retro 9 . Critical moment, Russell - Westbrook [microblogging] a pass a jumper to seal the victory for the Thunder.

"This is a great victory, especially on the road, it feels a lot like the playoffs, so this victory is good," Westbrook said after the game, his personal contribution of 29 points, 10 assists and six rebounds "We must stay focused and not let the opponent hit back, especially on the road, from the home crowd can not let the situation, so that it can win the opportunity."

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