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Mar 26, 2013
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more recently, Venezuela

more recently, Venezuela

Clippers fans last moment that jumper, Westbrook turned in the bottom corner of the station for about five seconds, seems to be sprayed with the courtside trash talking rivalry after the game asked about this, he said: "I did not pegged to any person, I look at my dad! "

Thunder win another hero Kevin - Durant [microblogging] Today 25, he contributed 35 points and nine rebounds, shot 10 Saihouedu the praise given to less Granville.

"He always told us, 'continue to capture go', so when they hit that one-third of a point after the go-ahead, I think everyone in the team is very calm, and we are very caair jordan retro 10 for sale  lm," Durant said, "Later, pull Sale play, hit that ball, Ibaka [microblogging] also has several key offensive and defensive, each of us are concerned about. "
Russian media said the Chinese air marshals -200 AWACS Zengyin wing icing crash
[World Wide Web Roundup] According to the Russian Military Review, February 28, in China in the 1960s from the Soviet Union, the number of aircraft An-12 military transport aircraft, and then buy a production license, the name of the organization to mass production in Shaanxi to transport -8. However, due to the Sino-Soviet split, until 1981, began production of transportation -8, until today continues to produce and develop a more comprehensive, the various uses of the various models of aircraft everything. Also actively export marketing, has developed the market of Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Sudan, and, more recently, Venezuela and other countries. 2012 Chinese army tipping transportation -8 the depth improved model transport -9.

Russian media said the transportation -8 and Soviet prototype aircraft, all-metal cantilever monoplane wing, single vertical tail and retractable landing gear, with a wingspan of 38 meters, 34.02 meters long, 11.6 meters high, wing area 121.86 square meters, a maximum speed of 660 km / h, cruising speed of 550 km / h, the practical range of 5615 km, a maximum range of 5,600 km, service ceiling of 10,400 metercheap air jordan retro 11   s. The power plant, including 4 domestic or imported (foreign aircraft use) turboprop engine, a single power of 4250 hp. Aircraft empty weight of 35.5 tons, with a maximum take-off weight of 61 tons, the load of 20 tons, once airborne transport 96 players.

China's first mass-produced op -8 transport the Soviet Union in the supply of parts assembled in the 60's, almost exactly the same with the AN-12. But China subsequently aircraft modernization improvements, use more stretching, more acute angle of the new pilot cockpit, H-6 bombers and Shanghai manufacturing the same, and then developed civilian export models shipped-8D. Transportation -8 in macheap air jordan retro 12 J-6 engine and J17-G13 propeller. Chinese experts through the efforts a substantial increase in the WJ-6 engine life, increased from 300 hours to 2000 hours. The 1986 transportation -8 transport aircraft maximum takeoff weight increased to 61 tons success, and its overall performance fully meet the standards of the Soviet An-12B military transport aircraft, just the latter takeoff roll farther landing roll distance is shorter .

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