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Mar 26, 2013
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Rating: 0  , sharply in the late 1980s,  , sharply in the late 1980s,  , sharply in the late 1980s,  , sharply in the late 1980s,  , sharply in the late 1980s,

sharply in the late 1980s,

sharply in the late 1980s,

ussian media said, in 1986, China started to develop model Win-8B civil Y8 aircraft completed its first flight on December 17, 1993, to give up the special military equipment, aircraft weight 1720 kg. Civilian export Model Win-8D with Western production equipment and completed its first flight in 1987, the total export sales of about 8. Other civilian models, both unusual op-8F transport aircraft, the use of three cargo tanks used for the transport of livestock, can carry 350 sheep, 120 passenger models op-8K time. As for the op-8F-100 models, with a more powerful engine, GPS navigation systems, weather radar, and op-8F-200 model fuselagair jordan retro 13 for sale  lengthened by 2.2 m. The late 1980s, China's direct technical assistance Lockheed developed a new model op-8C transport aircraft, using C-130 similar two-stage loading platform, full airtight cargo hold, new air conditioning and oxygen systems, as well as the additional accidents boats door. Originally planned for the transport aircraft to install the CT7 engine of the U.S. General Electric Company, but later due to China's relations with the West deteriorated sharply in the late 1980s, China and the United States suspended the military-technical cooperation.

In 2001, China began to Antonov aviation manufacturing company with Wukelanan cooperation, joint research and development of new op-8F-600 Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engine, new instrumentation and glass cockpit, allowing the crew to be reduced to two, and in other types of transportation -8 crew usually 3-5. In order to replace the 10 as unmanned attack aircraft carrier aircraft Figure-4, in 1989 developed the op-8E in the hanging beam under its wing specially trapezoidal mount 2 "Changhong -1" unmanned attack aircraft, by control console at the front sealed compartment. At the same time, transportation -8 also become the Win-8X the basis of the first land-based patrol aircraft, this new type of special aircraft equipped with Western production of special equipment and navigation equipment, including APSO-504 airborne search radar antenna placed machine first incheap air jordan retro 14   the bottom of the cylindrical fairing. Another still in the cargo hold door at installing surveillance equipment window, equipped with infrared and optical cameras, sonar buoys, infrared submarine search system. Op-8X patrol aircraft to perform a long-range patrol missions 24 hours a day. Internal compartment can also be installed in a variety of anti-ship or anti-submarine equipment. The first aircraft op-8X come out in 1984, the Chinese navy equipped with a total of eight aircraft of this type, is mainly used for maritime patrol, surveillance, anti-submarine.

Russian media said, in the early 1990s, China has been improved with the Soviet AI-20 engine Tu-4 bomber electronic surveillance at sea. In order to replace these aircraft, China has independently developed the op-8G, the use of more powerful airborne radar and Western production equipment. But in China by Western arms sanctions, the West stop the supply of related equipment, the project was forced aborcheap air jordan spiz'ike  tion. The news that these op-8G later converted into a tanker. The late 1990s, China still shipped -8 on the basis of the development of several different types of electronic reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft, airborne equipment vary. One of the latest and most important models in transport -8 base developed from AWACS air marshals -200.

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