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Mar 13, 2013
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"Resident Evil 5" exposure the ultimate notice biochemical Battle countdown

New full 3D system Resident Evil series "Resident Evil 5: punishment" exposure ultimate poster with the ultimate disaster Countdown Edition trailer released in mainland China on March 17, following on a customized version of the notice thrown caused a sensation, the film side continue inviting the domestic movie trailers clips first person to Wei Nan create the ultimate notice, more tense rhythm and more space exposure to the domestic audience to see them all.
Two heavy materials even occurred Battle countdown
The "Resident Evil 5: punishment" launched a series of two heavy material - the ultimate poster with the ultimate trailer. Ultimate poster, a break in the middle of the giant battleship symbolizes the crisis forced pressing two starring Milla Jovovich and Li Bingbing a dark night a bright red as fire, Biochemical two girls with a gun standing calm and sharp eyes hole depending this biochemical catastrophe, The ready posture notice of a bloody battle broke out.
In addition to this "Biochemical two girls" ultimate poster, sheet exposure of an ultimate trailer. Following on a customized version of the notice of thrown on the network caused a tremendous response, the film side while the iron is then invited Wei Nan, making the team's ultimate notice. Compared to on a trailer, released today, more tense rhythm overwhelmed action scenes bombing people "overwhelmed". "Warning, warning, central computer two minutes after the restart, the trailer is just the beginning of a cold mechanical female voice announced the imminent crisis in the T-virus program of the Red Queen error occurred, more bloodthirsty and cruel, she would like to to destroy all humans on Earth, Mira and Li Bingbing duo teamed way repulsed biochemical powerful enemies trying to escape the Red Queen's strangling. Accompanied by a strong sense of rhythm of electronic music, film the intense blasting shootout melee drama large length of exposure, so users shouted, "very enjoyable".
Before the actors full return of his comrades defection transfiguration powerful enemies
Adapted from the same name game series "Resident Evil" series of movies called the of "biochemical movie" classic, bringing together the elements of action, sci-fi, horror, competitive games, the Resident Evil series into a sense of the game the full sense of the story and the viewing experience The highly touted movies in the world. The story of the new movie "Resident Evil" series for "Resident Evil 5: punishment" continue on a "Resident Evil 4: Ares regeneration", the heroine Alice Ares counteroffensives trip to start again. At the end of the last one, Alice rescued frozen human companions, he was rushed to the occasion of the crowd to escape to heaven mercenary ruthless. Faced with the end of the crisis, she found "again living and war".
In this as in many important roles in the previous four films almost entirely Regression: "Resident Evil", who plays the female SWAT Ray Michelle Rodriguez plays defensive players in "Resident Evil 2" Valentine the actors Sienna Gaier Li, Odd Phil, sturdy men in "Resident Evil 3" and "Resident Evil 4" Shawn Roberts predecessor debut full, although these actors are still played their original roles, but this time the role of character in "Resident Evil 5: punishment" are nothing but with varying degrees of mutation, even the position of a large converted into enemies of Alice. What makes these old comrades turned against him, Alice and Ada Wong will work with these "old friends new enemies" who in turn how clash, all in the March 17 release of "Resident Evil 5: punishment "in the outcome.
Directed by director Paul Anderson, starring Milla Jovovich, Li Bingbing, Michelle Rodriguez Resident Evil 5: Retribution "is scheduled to file release on March 17, has followed its predecessor style full 3D system, "Resident Evil 5: punishment" will bring viewers more exciting visual shock, at the same time, "Resident Evil 5: punishment" will also visit China's giant screen. This biochemical huge system of new work in the spring and set off a biochemical boom.

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