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Mar 13, 2013
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Rating: 0  , NBA: Who will lead the future of Miami?  , NBA: Who will lead the future of Miami?  , NBA: Who will lead the future of Miami?  , NBA: Who will lead the future of Miami?  , NBA: Who will lead the future of Miami?

NBA: Who will lead the future of Miami?

Today's Miami home is easy to get to 98-81 Hawks, a streak extended to 19 games. Wade in this game contributed 23 points and 6 assists, plus five steals. James today feel normal circumstances, Dwyane Wade take on the important task of the leader of the team, and helped the defending champions to win easily.
James is no doubt the first ace of the team the Heat array Alone core. As for Wade, is to play the role of his assistants. Just Dwyane step back does not mean he does not have the ability, but he does not want to destroy the atmosphere of the team competitive position. Flash will be doing my part, but if it is to meet James Wong occasionally poor state to come forward.
Previous example, that hand-to-hand combat with the Grizzlies, the whole game, James 14 shots 4, the Wade came forward to play a crucial role, the audience grabbed 22 points while 2 assists, and contribute significantly to the team win.
A war today is no exception, Seeing James feels cold, Dwyane simply run for 2 minutes 33 seconds left in the first section, Dwyane Wade sent assists, James alley-oop succeed. After which he stretched out in the basket first-hand the ball up into the basket. To the first section of 5 minutes 04 seconds left in the wonderful scene staged in the case of fast-break stumbled fell to the ground, James will continue to send the ball out, Wade follow-up layup. This is the so-called brothers united, sharp enough to cut the gold.
In the first half, the Hawks have the power of resistance, this Wade scored exceptionally fierce. The second section is just getting on the field after he made two free throws, followed by raids layup. Wade break layup successful series, 7 minutes and 47 seconds before halftime was horse riding camp not only the ball into, but also a direct result of the opponent's foul, completed 2 alley-oop and then sent for Anderson 1.
Hit the fourth quarter, when the Eagles have been dying, and Wade sent a deadly knife, his first of two free throws, followed by Baltic assists to re-break layup. Pick Cole assists to complete dunks, Wade Cole assists ...... 6 minutes and 47 seconds before the end of the game, Dwyane complete the alley-oop and three-point play, the Heat have been far ahead of the 22 points. This game is to win the game.

When the game hit this sake, James, of course, no need to re-debut. Wade prove their actual performance, he also has the ability to lead the team to win the game with ease. Which precisely this Heat the most horrible place: even if you grabbed James, Wade can flash. While simultaneously strangled two brothers, almost impossible task. 

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