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Mar 21, 2013
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Meteorite hit Russia

Equal to 30 Hiroshima bomb onslaught of Russian meteorite

 NASA said on the evening of 15 local time, after an explosion in central Russia over meteorite equivalent equivalent to 500,000 tons of TNT equivalent of the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima during World War II to 15,000 tons of TNT. Previously, the agency's forecast of 300,000 tons of TNT.


From 10 tons to 10,000 tons
The Fengyun getting himself into the meteorite in the end is how multiple reports of the past two days is a big gap. 16, 2009, Russian media quoted the latest assessment of NASA said, the meteorite diameter of 15 meters to 17 meters, and weighs about 7,000 tons to 10,000 tons. Reported that the experts come to the new assessment data depends on additional data received five infrasound stations, one located in Alaska 6500 km distance Chelyabinsk. The infrasound stations data show that meteorite explosion disintegrated into the atmosphere play continued for a total of 32.5 seconds.
However, British media reported on previously claimed that the meteorite weighs approximately 10 tons, and a speed of 54,000 kilometers per hour through the atmosphere. 30-50 km from the ground, the meteorite exploded. The huge wave then damage on the ground.
U.S. media said the meteorite explosion before the dissolution of a bus is so big.
The explosion seismic bad over 4000 houses
The Russian Ural emergency regional centers, 16, said the shockwave formed after the fall of the meteorite were caused Chelyabinsk approximately 200,000 square meters of glass damage.
Russian media quoted the center of the news that the meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk, resulting in 3,724 houses, 671 educational institutions, 11 social facilities, 69 cultural facilities institutions damaged. Meteorite formed after the fall The shock waves were caused 200,000 square meters of glass damage ". Russian media later in the day reported that over 4000 houses had been damaged.
The Russian government said it has 20,000 aid workers to the Chelyabinsk Ural Mountains region where help here people are dealing with a meteorite fall, causing destruction, rescue and clean-up work.
As of press time, about 1,200 people were injured in the rare human indignity ", including 200 children, most of the injured were injured by glass.
To the media reporter, Pucci Primakov, the Russian Emergency Situations Minister said, the most seriously affected by the meteorite shower Chelyabinsk and Copperman Yi Sike, damage assessment of more than 400 million rubles. Prior to the Chelyabinsk State Government estimated loss of about 10 billion rubles.
Russian military if we had known this meteorite?
There are reports that the Russian military may already have been detected by a meteorite, but considered a danger to not be too large, and therefore did not warn the public. The report quoted an anonymous official of the Russian Defense Ministry as saying that the Russian military that it will be an explosion in the atmosphere, according to informed about the size and composition of the meteorite, "there is no need to issue warnings." (Heavenly)
The meteorite the wreckage is still no trace
Incident to a 6-meter-wide ice cave suspected meteorite hit, but the underwater search to no avail
Meteorite exploded in the air, there is no debris falling to the ground, and is currently the biggest suspense of media attention. Chelyabinsk a lake, it was found that a 6-meter-wide ice cave divers into the water to find, and found no traces of the meteorite.
Russian military spokesman said the lake found the ice cave, six divers quickly water exploration, but found no traces of any such meteorites.
Russian Emergency Situations Ministry spokeswoman Irina Rossi ust 16, also told the media that, the diver has checked the waters of Lake Chelyabinsk State chebarkul, found no meteorites wreckage.
Chelyabinsk region Governor Mikhail Youlieweiqi pessimistic about the ability to find meteorites wreckage on the 16th.
He said the media, expressed doubts about their find meteorites wreckage. "I think it is difficult to find, because they (the debris) is likely burned, but will continue to look for.
British media reported that further search may have to wait until after the spring lake ice melt. (Baiqian)
The meteorite falling Cuba houses shaking
Witnesses said the air of a fire larger than the sun, it is unclear whether Russian meteorite
According to Xinhua News Agency, a small town in central Cuba, according to Cuban state television reported on the 15th, residents said local evening of March 14 with meteorite fall, meteorite explosion shock wave generated by the some of the buildings shaking.
Witnesses of the province of Cienfuegos, Cuba and Central Rodas town TV reporter said local time at 20:00 on the 14th (Beijing time at 9:00 on the 15th), they saw that the air there is a place like buses change very bright after transformation into a ball bigger than the sun, "the flames, and three or four minutes later heard a loud explosion. One resident said, slightly shaking the roof of his house in the explosion.
Cuban state television said, a team of astronomers has traveled to the the Rodas town to find the meteorite that could fall on the ground or aerosiderite.
Around Moscow time on the 15th as early as 7 20 (Beijing time 15 æ—¶ 20 points), Russia Chelyabinsk meteorite fall has resulted in 1200 people were injured. Unclear Cuba and Russia meteorite fall associated.
Q & A
1 where meteorites come from?
Cook, chief scientist of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Meteoroid Environment Office, that this meteorite from the asteroid belt, about a year ago after entering the Earth's atmosphere more than 30 seconds after a violent explosion and fragmentation.
2 how often "hit the ground" ?
Cook said, very common small meteoroids from comets or asteroids colliding with Earth, the Earth daily will intercept 80 tons of space material, car-sized objects fall into the Earth's frequency is about once a month. University of Michigan professor of astronomy Birkin, the space stones so big like Russia meteorite hit the Earth probability every five years to 30 years.
3 Near-Earth asteroids?
NASA, Russian meteorite orbit asteroid 2012DA14 significantly different. Preliminary analysis indicates that the meteorite from north to south movement opposite asteroid 2012DA14 track, from south to north.
4 Why did not advance observation?
U.S. weather satellite only took a snapshot in this meteorite subduction process, while global asteroid observation telescope network did not detect the meteorite. Birkin explained telescope and global coverage. , Similar to such celestial bodies in the areas covered by the telescope with the current telescope is difficult to see this telescope is mainly used to observe the larger body.
5 humans can withstand asteroid it?
Pukhov, Director of the Russia's strategic and technical analysis center, said there was still no country can really solve the problems of the asteroid threat to Earth. Even if the future use of certain systems can achieve intercept, will not be a large number of applications, because the cost is very expensive. Some countries, including Russia, has a system to track the asteroid, but not advanced enough. Russia's "national defense" magazine editor  said Russian-US state-of-the-art air defense and missile defense system can not detect the asteroid threat, the only high-power radar systems to monitor near-Earth space.

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