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sue candy
Feb 25, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Two Main Groups in Guild Wars 2  , Two Main Groups in Guild Wars 2  , Two Main Groups in Guild Wars 2  , Two Main Groups in Guild Wars 2  , Two Main Groups in Guild Wars 2

Two Main Groups in Guild Wars 2

Day halberd Knights & Call precept group

Day halberd Knights

Pale Wa. Jagger is very proud of his greatest enemy to date halberd Knights of the destruction. Their fortress has been destroyed, their scattered members of the four, and they are no longer a force in Iloilo that. Finally, most people will be forgotten the Day halberd Knights and their hero. The few surviving Japanese halberd Knights convey their lessons centuries, grasping barely able to think of the doctrine. They become a wandering mystic, philosopher, lonely soldiers, people prefer to forget their emergence.

In addition, some Japanese halberd Knights in Pale Wa. Jagdish given power and identity spoofing, and abandoned their vows. These rebel to obey the Pallava army command, or against those who insult them in Iloilo that alone. Everyone Pale Wa. Jagger changed, given the power of the death, and sent out to find and destroy the to the halberd Knights companions, or attracted to take them to the owner abandoned reason. These knights rot month is called Knights (Mordant Crescent), a dark force in the southern land of Tyria.

Call precept group
Call precept group still exists, and development to the area outside the mainland Iloilo that. Call precept group is the first to discover this fact over the dragon is waking to try to warn people, but nobody is willing to believe them. So they changed the practice spread to the whole world, a member of the Mission, and slowly absorb more members to enlighten them. The call the precept Mission in Ascalon and Kryta has a stronghold, even in the overall fall Iloilo that continent still maintain some forces. They also help the some confrontation Pale Wa. Jagger's secret society.

Call precept contribution to the group is also more than that, when the lion arches flood engulfed them rescue tens of thousands of ancient scrolls, books as well as other historical heritage, these priceless treasures of human civilization moved to the mountains of their seats baby secret monasteries to Duman De monastery saved. Hidden in far higher than the flood, these antiquities retain human ancient archives. Cistercian monks part historian, part warrior, learn from them and to protect the sacred items.

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