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Apr 24, 2013
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Rating: 0  ,  leadership of the Central Military  ,  leadership of the Central Military  ,  leadership of the Central Military  ,  leadership of the Central Military  ,  leadership of the Central Military

leadership of the Central Military

leadership of the Central Military

leadership of the Central Military Commission of the CPC Central Committeenike kobe 8 system for sale and the Central Military Commission and the Navy, the fleet from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually developed into an advanced surface ships, conventional submarines, nuclear submarines, aviation, coastal defense forces, support protection forces of combined arms has an important naval forces of offensive and defensive combat capability under certain conditions. The officers and men of the party's command, serve the people, heroic tackle tough, unity and hard work, forge ahead, and left a carefully written chapter, write one after another heroic Zhuangge of creating a brilliant performance. Standing at a new historical starting point, the the fleet party spirit "firm belief, from the construction achievements cast firmly soul of the army; learn from the successful experience of wisdom and enlightenment ideas; learn a lesson from the painful lessons of sounding the alarm; development grasp the law, a clear direction, "the idea of ??the track, decided to build a fleet of military history.It is reported that the military history began in December 2012 designed to start, which lasted four months to complete covers an area of ??1,200 square meters. Reporters on the scene, the museum of "loving care of great inspiration, the historical changes, Development and Evolution," the party's command, loyal and reliable "," temper troops, aiming to win "the top ten themed areas, a large collection of valuable materials and documentation. Office of the sequencenike kobe vii cheap reference to large-scale military history reliefs, paintings Directorate of huge hand-painted aircraft carrier inscription, exhibition reflect fleet history of more than 40,000 photographs and more than 50 copies (sets) history books, compilations, audio and video products, to reproduce the fleet of Zheng Rong years. Following last year's North Sea Fleet, East Sea Fleet has cruise the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, the South China Sea Fleet of the Navy of China far out at sea training fleet in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands cruise on the morning of April 17, bringing the three major Chinese naval fleet in the area debut. The military experts ZhangZhaoZhong (microblogging) Beijing TV "military decoding part interview from last year to now, a lot of Naval training activities, may Navy escort aircraft carrier Ocean to explore a future tactical coordination.CCTV reported by the South China Sea Fleet missile destroyer the Lanzhou ship, the guided missile frigate Hengshui ship far out at sea training formation to complete a routine training in the western Pacific Ocean into the East China Sea on April 17, nike kobe vi basketball shoes and a cruise in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands in China. Previously, far out at sea training formation in the western Pacific Ocean, has experienced large waves sailing test drill in case of no plan has a comprehensive offensive and defensive command post topics such as disposal of special situations, testing each battle position, rapid response capability and commanders emergency response capabilities. Ships and ship-borne helicopters, shipboard speedboats coordination, organization rummage Arrest exercises to enhance its ability to control vessel formation sea.

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