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Apr 24, 2013
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Rating: 0  ,  Lanzhou ship is the first  ,  Lanzhou ship is the first  ,  Lanzhou ship is the first  ,  Lanzhou ship is the first  ,  Lanzhou ship is the first

Lanzhou ship is the first

Lanzhou ship is the first

It is reported that, Lanzhou ship is the first generation of thenike lebron 9 elite cheap Chinese navy has phased array radar, vertical launch air defense system missile destroyer, known as "Chinese Aegis". The Hengshui ship in July last year has just officially into the column the South China Sea Fleet, the Chinese Navy's newest guided missile frigate.On the characteristics of the ship Lanzhou, Zhang said., The main features four phased 360-degree electronic scanning radar, the target, there is no blind spot. In addition to commanding the ship-to-air missiles, regional air defense range is about more than 100 kilometers, as well as incoming targets for anti-saturation attack. Addition, Lanzhou ship also have the ability to attack ships and anti-submarine capabilities, so it is a multipurpose ship tonnage is relatively large, more than 7000 tons, suitable for ocean. In ocean-going process, can be used as command ship at sea, but also synergistically other troops for combat.On the features Hengshui see, Zhang said. The Hengshui ship more thannike lebron 9 low men's basketball shoes 4000 tons, the tonnage frigate in the world belong to large tonnage. Ship not only with the destroyer fleet, perhaps for the escort ships to the fleet of aircraft carriers are very important because of the large tonnage ocean, multi-equip weapons.ZhangZhaoZhong in the program also said that since last year, the Naval Training activities, there are many possible naval escort aircraft carrier Ocean explore a future tactical coordination. About 10 vessel containing 80 Japanese right-wingers in the morning of 23 arrived in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands. Last year staged the farce of "landing", but the group is still overwhelmed by claims that they just want to investigate the Diaoyu Islands fishery resources, do not plan to board any parts of the Diaoyu Islands.This group similar action last year, also made a similar guarantee. However, they have 10 members but failed to do, staged a landing on the island farce, and aroused the anger of the Chinese people. Japanese right-wing claims that although they do is to assess the fishermen in this fishing is feasible, but this is nothing about the so-called "ownership" of an action on the Diaoyu Islands, Japan. He also said that the Japanese Senate elections innike lebron 10 cheap July this year, they will not land on the island in order to avoid the deterioration of the diplomatic and bilateral relations between China and Japan.The report also said the Japanese Coast Guard vessels have been working with these right-wing nationalists vessels counterparts, may be to ensure that they comply prohibit any acts of Japanese people landed on the island or flags. Coast Guard vessels, wears a slogan

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