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maddi woodcock
Mar 26, 2013
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Rating: 0  , Manchester City's official website announced  , Manchester City's official website announced  , Manchester City's official website announced  , Manchester City's official website announced  , Manchester City's official website announced

Manchester City's official website announced

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United Kingdom today at noon local time, Manchester City's official website announced that they had and Spain attacking midfielder David Silva to renew their contracts by 2017, after British media his weekly earnings are expected to rise to 200,000 pounds.

Manchester city official website pointed out that, this is this summer Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses following Joe-Hart, and Kompany zhihou and a will themselves of long-term future Xu to Manchester City of team in the core, and Manchester City also will continues to and team other core renewal, this for Manchester City will in tomorrow night Champions League away play Real Madrid will is a great of encouraging, since July 2010 from Valencia joined Manchester City Hou, Silva has for East soil appearances 70 field, has for Manchester City won foot total Cup, and premiership and Community Shield champion.

He excellent of performance also let he won has Manchester City players and fans of loved, in war premiership of first season, Silva on continuous 3 months is Manchester City fans named monthly best players, is Manchester City Shang season won 44 years to first a League champion appearances up of players, and therefore WINS has Premiership best lineup, for this, in past 2 a transfer window are outgoing Real Madrid and Barcelona intends to will Silva purchased back La Liga of rumors, Manchester City course refused to placed go they of attack core.

In Manchester city official website announced this article renewal news Shi, Silva has with Manchester City Nada forces onrenmin fly to has Spain, Manchester city official website pointed out that, Silva will in later time of press conference Shang published renewal testimonials, but in boarded to Spain of flights Qian, Silva on has said: "I very happy, because I has in here 2 years has, I in this between Club had was very happy, therefore Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses now I is happy to renewal, here on like I of home. ”

"We has won premiership and other 2 a champion, team is growth, we now of target is Champions League, therefore this is left in here of also a reasons, we will tries to won, on like I said of as, I in here had was very comfortable, I wants to continues to efforts won those champion, past 2 years had was very smooth, therefore hopes future 5 years will better, fans has been very support I, recently they also hopes I renewal, therefore hopes this renewal to let they happy, This is also another reason I decided to renew. ”

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