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jieke li
Jan 7, 2014
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Rating: 0  , Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system  , Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system  , Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system  , Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system  , Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system

Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system

5,7 pulgadas Star N9599,9300 Móvil SP6820A 

2013 , smartphones cabbage price and mark the arrival of 4G era doomed this year belongs to mobile Internet . Ministry data show that global PC smart phones will be more than three times the number . But at the same time more and more mobile vulnerabilities have surfaced, open Android threat intensifies, Apple iOS is no longer absolute security.

History of the most serious impact on 99% of Android users - Android vulnerability signatures (MasterKey vulnerability )

Android is open source, it has been the hardest hit by malware attacks 5.7 pulgadas Star N9599 in the 2013 year , Andrews has been discovered three " in the history of the most serious vulnerabilities Andrews " - the signature holes ( also called MaterKey vulnerability ) . Hackers can exploit the vulnerability without breaking the digital signature , the Trojan implanted formal applications to mixed lax application of the audit market , to achieve privacy burglary , stealing and other charges . These three holes are expected to affect more than 99% of Android users, the 360 phone guardian has pioneered the use of anti-blocking three vulnerabilities , domestic users need special attention.

Android phone lock screen loophole exposed

Early December 2013 , Andrews phone lock screen outside exposed vulnerabilities , hackers can exploit this vulnerability to bypass the lock screen pattern and password , access to private information directly into the phone , and then steal the user's address book , photos, text messages and so on. 360 security experts found that, because Android comes with a " lock screen application " program there is a logical flaw , but did not verify the identity of the caller , can lead to any application to send data, clear the lock screen . Currently users can already use the 360 mobile guards patch plugging loopholes.

Wujin your Bitcoin wallet Andrews SecureRandom pseudo -random number generator vulnerability

Bitcoin really was a fire in 2013 , a slight drop of temperature only recently , but the value of a bitcoin thousands of dollars , mining does not subside within a short time , I am afraid the heat , it does not , Android is also eyeing the bulging vulnerabilities Bitcoin wallet. In mid- August , Google Android operating system developer confirmed encryption architecture vulnerabilities that can lead to Bitcoin wallet is stolen, spread Android full version. Meanwhile, the developer confirmed that , in addition to outside bitcoin wallet phones , affected also include other applications may use pseudo-random generator .

Mobile outbreaks linked to horse vulnerabilities - vulnerabilities Android WebView

When you click on a friend sent me a link to the results you been installed malicious APP lead to 9300 Móvil SP6820A deductions, you must be met Andrews WebView vulnerabilities . This exposed the vulnerability in September , threatening more than 90 percent of Android phones and a large number of applications. Just click on a malicious Web site to a friend send a message or visit a malicious Web page will be caught by third-party browsers , malicious programs can be installed silently through the system back into the phone . At present, most vendors have fixes the vulnerability .

Arabian prank ? Apple iOS mysterious string vulnerability

Apple iOS was considered to be the most secure systems, but in August 2013 , a string of Arabic characters let iOS6 users to completely dumbfounded . Just through SMS , micro letters, microblogging and other specific Arabia sent a bunch of string , you can make a direct iPhone application crashes flash back , and even phone restart , affects all IOS6 systems. As the first security vendors to disclose the vulnerability , 360 security engineers said the flaw was "iOS6 Arab character processing module denial of service vulnerability ," This attack is more like a hoax, but it really made fruit powder nervous .

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Author's note: Inventory of 2013 vulnerabilities major smart phone system

Keywords: 5,7 pulgadas Star N9599,9300 Móvil SP6820A 

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