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yvonne whut
Feb 20, 2012
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 Then, on September 13, 256 2:00 in the morning, the trident plane actually happening? What we according to a lot of evidence that: the plane is landing field to manipulation is not successful landing, causing the crushing burned. Make this the main basis of judgment have such points: first, the site of the crash happened after the choice is to. In warm all of the gobi desert near's sweat, this site is relatively flat terrain, the plane landing on the direction of the choice also, these circumstances can't completely is accidental. Second, the pilot implementation the wild landing in action. His planes grounded before the open initiative open before sewing wing, this is required before landing action, former open only artificial manipulation seam wing can be open. Third, the landing gear wheel complete, not hit and the destruction of the wear trace, the main tire is good, still have air pressure, it indicates that the landing gear when did not put the pilot. Its 4, the plane is a manipulation in the first of the grounding. All these shows, 256, aircraft that is effective in the pilot under control, and the plane is to make the choice of the landing.

,256,:,,,,;According to the situation of judgment, 256, aircraft that are not successfully implementing landing, the main reason is the following: one, the pilot landing action not exactly, didn't do all, landingghd pink straighteners speed is too big, and deceleration board did not open;,,,,,,,;Second, the trident is order wing aircraft, its wing, the abdomen has machine tank, on the ground, is caused extremely easily tank rupture, broken wing, cause burns explosion;,,,,,.Third, the plane was then rush off, killing the driver and no navigator, the plane is landing at night, lie again completely strange areas, a pilot is difficult to cope with all its special cases.
,256,.,,;We think, when flight 256 should be in a temperature's implementation of the wild landing all khan, the main reason is because the machine oil is not enough. The plane took off a hasty, ready to work not sufficient, no filled with oil;25006500,,,.When the machine for a long time in flight in 2500 ~ 6500 m high flight, flying low hollow more fuel-efficient, to the crash site oil already feeling before and after insufficient, so was forced to make the wild land.
,,,,,.,,,.1972519,,..In addition, because no pilot on board, the ground and no navigation, and on that day the night comes, the pilot in the air can't master the accurate position, the plane is in this case blind landing. After months of hard work, we finally according to limited material, clarified the trident the real reason why the plane crashed, completed the central to our mission, on May 19, 1972, our expert panel to view and analysis according to the pictures from the conclusion, submitted a report to the central. Our ideas on the above in this report ghd blue serenity hair straightenersas the sufficient in this paper.
,20002Excerpt from "my fight career", the central literature publishing house in February 2000 edition
:""SunYiXian: I report to the prime minister zhou "913" the plane crash
 The author SunYiXian
"",,,.,20011,."The 913" event happens, is for me to be in the embassy secretary, was close to the crash site, and joined in with five rounds of talks all night. The writing's memoir, "living in the desert beyond-to crash in humiliation and Lin biao relationship the twists and turns," a book, by the China youth press in the January 2001 issue, this article is selected from the book.
Receive tasks
1971917710,.On September 17, 1971 at 7 10 points, we from the crash site back to the ulan bator.
,(),,.,,.,.,,,().,18,..UK embassy, make (WenYi) ambassador to eat dinner, go to call, director of the general office of the foreign ministry FuHao did report. After phone, make ambassador speak to the embassy sent home immediately return detailed report, the sooner the better. Make party committee members after consulting with ambassador, decided to send me back to take this mission. To the safety of journey, make the ambassador to China construction company in Mongolian company to arrange the visit home MengWen translation and I congratulate our team-mate without ever touching counterparts, and xiao liu play rather than a night, and I congratulate our team-mate without ever touching (foreign has turned to the staff of the embassy) for my visa. Didn't think we two people of visa, 18 the morning sent to Mongolia's foreign ministry consular department, afternoon to do back. It looks like they have guessed I returned home to what to do.
19 ,,.,,,.,.,,.,.,,.19 morning, received from several of the domestic instructions, and one of them calls attention to the observation MengFang and be ready for action in Soviet. I and wang drove to urumqi to turn around a circle, specially according to provide clues to the embassy driver, to the west, urumqi potteryghd red lust straighteners cover figure to the north of the valley, to see MengJun air defense missile position. See launcher put into the air defense missile, next to the detection and search radar have been turned on. Back to the city, watch the comings and goings of Soviet military cars, like increased than usual. Ulam's several flowers in beishan remote surveillance radar hype, night and day, turn around. And the Soviet army headquarters of seat of flowers were ulam street, after a night lights were blazing, until late at night.
20928,,.70(,50),,.,,,.100(),,.,,.,,,Train 20, when separated from 28 September ulan bator, I see the Soviet military base on both sides of the railway particularly busy, the atmosphere exceptionally. From urumqi more than 70 kilometers (railway mileage, straight distance about 50 kilometers) of a large logistics base, has not seen nothing like in the past about the football match at noon and Soviet soldiers, acting is going in and out of the heavy vehicles. Not far from logistics base a dozens of lie to the combat readiness of oil tank, not only with barbed wire mobbed, still rare added to watch, all that filled up with oil. From urumqi 100 km (railway mileage) bayan airport, the plane landing continuously, the air a formation flight. And, pull out machine stop slide along the nest a row of fighter planes, takeghd new wave limited edition off the machine hood. I thought, between China and Mongolia now have no tension, only a frame in China's civil aviation aircraft temperature are near, sweat crashed crash, it is worth to be in on the soviets in
 1145,.,.,,,.,:".",,Late at night when 11 45, train into our country one border town. Frontier inspection station king waited on the platform with me, I answer to his office. I see inside and outside the station, the people's liberation army significantly increased, cadres are all carry firearms, feel some different. I ask, he silently say: "now is the level of combat readiness." my heart sudden a surprised, no wonder of Mongolia abnormal Soviet activity, is really a crashed airplane with a contact
6,,.,,.Six o 'clock in the morning bell, was on the station of the noise woke up with a start, that has to Inner Mongolia's JiNing station. I open the curtains immediately see, a list of military train is remove all kinds of military trucks and heavy weapons, a considerable number of forces in the busy busy.

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