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yvonne, whut
yvonne whut
Feb 20, 2012
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 September 21, afternoon 3 when 29 points, international train to arrive at Beijing station, parked in the no. 1 platform. Get off the platform will see the foreign ministry office FuHao director and secretary WangWanHui, I think that they have come to pick up what important people, go up say "hello" after the search for pick me up and will look around. The king secretary up to pull me to the operator before the director, operator, low voice say: "I am to meet you, has arranged you temporary foreign ministry hostel." I explained in Beijing have house, he said: "no, first lived in foreign ministry hostel." I to introduce to him will partners, he state-owned company in Mongolia inquire's entourage,ghd midnight collection not had been to the crash site, also don't know about it, he told him about the crash, no public former absolutely can't speak to anybody. Later, let the state-owned company of foreign bureau people to pick him up.

,,,,,,,:",,.":,,,;The foreign ministry hostel, director of the operator asked me to bring from the embassy of files, material and shooting scene film, entirely to WangWanHui, and made the king put these things back to the ministry immediately, the director of the file into wei on duty room XuLianRu save, film to SunXiuJuan flush, then said to me: "take a rest, completes the report, may at any time to find you." at the same time I allowed: first, with a temporary hostel, not to go out, also don't walk around in the hostel;,,;Second, do not contact with the outside, including relatives and the unit;,,,,,,.Third, if in the hostel meet an acquaintance, he said the temporary home to send files, is now back to a etc, ready to return to museum, on the plane that crashed, and can't say a word.
1130,,,.:".":",.",,.That night when someone knocked at the door November 30 points, is a simple dress, the face PangQing , energetically lesbian. She a door introduces himself: "I'm WangHaiRong." then to not talk of tone say: "go, to the great hall of the people to report." said the, she put the developing good plane crash scene photos, and I take back the relevant information and gave it to me.
,,..,.We from the north to the stage at the great hall of the people, the two security guards came to meet, close to the stand in front of me. I feel they seem to with hidden detector in test my file bag. WangHaiRong explain to them, we will be kind to let into the great hall of the north.
Report to the prime minister zhou
,.,.,, ,,.,,,:" ,.":".",.,,,,.,, ,,,.WangHaiRong take me away to FuJianTing door and let me sit down to sort the photos of it. Just finishing well, she called me in. I'm a door, suddenly between shine at the moment, sit in the middle of the sofa is not the prime minister zhou? I immediately feel a heart beat ghd green envy hair straightenershortness, bosom frowsty some can not come out gas, quickly go first steps. Prime minister stretch out your hand, hold my hand, shining eyes looked in I, kindly said: "come back, please sit down." and introduced to me standing beside military: "this is YangDeZhong comrade." prime minister to me to sit on his left the cane makes up the sofa, and he separated by half a metre wide in the cany tea table. I look around the hall, seat into inner and external two layer, inner lining is dozen cane chair of sofa and tea table, and the cane makes up a square table, outer layer is the big sofa and a circle brocade dark red xiu paint tea table. In a seat of several people, have foreign ministry JiPengFei acting minister, JunDaiBiao LiYaoWen, vice minister HanNianLong, chief of staff, FuHao, chief of protocol, WangHaiRong.
,:"  ":".",,:" ",.,,.:",.":"  ":".".After sit down, prime minister asked me: "come back together isn't there a translator which go to" I answer: "he went home." prime minister immediately was a heavy, greasy brown hair suddenly cu, sternly asked: "who let him go home" I looked at the operator director, prime minister immediately turned to the operators more serious asked again. FuHao answer is he let go, because the translation has not had been to the scene, also don't understand the situation. The prime minister said: "that also not line, the plane cast away he always know it." FuHao criticism: "you as a soldier? You can sing the three main discipline eight note"? "FuHao immediately said:" I'll get back to congratulate our team-mate without ever touching. "say that finish and then to another room to call.
 ,,,,"",.914,,,9.,.,,.,,,26.,,.What prime minister for on this matter so harsh? Then know when Lin biao heart breaks out, including HuangYongSheng, WuFaXian, LiZuoPeng, QiuHuiZuo this "four big king kong", not a one disposal. On September 14, Mongolian embassy in a vacation home of cadres, leave before the embassy that there is a Chinese jet plane in of Mongolia's temperature is crashed near khan, killing nine people all death. He came to erlian motion (detectives) detectors, to the king told the news station. This of course is a great thing,ghd iv salon styler australia the news immediately king webmaster to Inner Mongolia military area commands report, and then the news report to Beijing and step-down military headquarters. Prime minister after that, immediately instructed the cadre in the unit will be its isolation, and asked Beijing military area commands take emergency measures, make known the news of 26 people who can't spread. Of course the instructions communicated to prime minister also erlian motion (detectives) detectors, no wonder I return one pass, webmaster can't ask the king of Mongolia.
,.,,.,.The prime minister asked my personal situation in the future, make I began to report. At this moment, the waiter to a bowl of ReShangMian advised the prime minister to eat some, say, from all morning had not eaten thing. The prime minister said to now, finish listen to report and eat.
.,,,: " "First I report to China MengFang plane crash the attitude of the event and the talks between the two sides after. Prime minister after hearing, head back on the sofa pillow, half thinking about half to the characteristics of the inductive MengFang attitude, and then looked up pink ghd hair straightenerstoward me: "means that MengFang still is more friendly"
",,."."Yes, from a few years to see the relationship in humiliation, are friendly." I answered.
".. "."Well... You talk about the site condition. Is there to bring a map to" prime minister asked.
" .",,,., (),,,. :" "700."I mark a scene locations."

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