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Jun 12, 2011
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Rating: 0  , Turkey's ruling justice  , Turkey's ruling justice  , Turkey's ruling justice  , Turkey's ruling justice  , Turkey's ruling justice

Turkey's ruling justice

Turkey's ruling justice

Turkey's ruling justice and development (are), chairman of the hair prime minister erdogan is in the capital Ankara is hair party headquarters in 12, announced that the party in the parliamentary election win, and win three re-elected. Mr Erdogan said, "I hope the election results will be our regional and world peace and order, justice and stability to contribute".

According to the current 99% of the votes of statistical result, is the party's vote was 50.1%, send the main opposition republican people's party (PPP), national action party vote for 25.9% to 13%. The rest of the all-party less than 10%, according to Turkey vote of the electoral law, these party cannot enter parliament. According to the replica shoes present distribution of votes counted seat in: is hair at the republican people's party (PPP), party 326 135 seats, 54 seats at the national action party, independent 35 seats. Many are hair party supporters are flocking to send the party headquarters compound door, to celebrate the victory is won, many hair party is the party supporters in hair christian shoes erdogan hometown in jersey black sea provinces festively singing and dancing to celebrate Mr Erdogan's victory.

Turkey big national assembly is the national top legislature, a total of 550 seats. According to Turkey's electoral law, the party of the 33% vote can form a single, less than 10% of the vote ruling party cannot enter parliament. If not a political party vote by vote to 33%, the highest political parties will first seek and other political parties louboutin shoes a coalition government. In November 2002, is to send the party 34.28% of the vote in parliamentary election, realized a one-party state, ending the Turkey since replica handbags 1987 many party coalition government situation. In July 2007, is to send the party in the parliamentary vote won 46.5% of the vote, get victory. Is the party in parliament hair now has 331 seats. 24 th Turkey big elections to the national assembly in 12 days morning began to vote. Turkey's total of 85 constituencies, 199207, including a box is hair, the republican people's party (PPP) party and 杭州装饰公司 national action party, a party and independent candidates 15, 5000 to run more than voters in the 7000 DuoWei candidates elected in 550 members.

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