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 The Confucian thought inside the saint outside the king ideas in TaiGu jinpai thought, which occupies an important position. They not only emphasized the sincerity is due to, personal morals tutelage, also stresses the need to do as you would be done by, play people have drowned himself who hunger hunger or people the content and spirit. This spirit is just the LiuE raise people thoughts origin, also is the Confucian classic thoughts concrete realization. To TaiGu thought to examine the  gu cited HuangLongZi comments, we can see LiuE is take this situation to FaShu he believed in TaiGu thought. According to LiuDaShen on the LaoCan travel >, the HuangLongZi that is coach outlet store yellow to group, LiuE's brother, was the TaiGu school librarian.In addition to the above the Confucian as the center of the TaiGu thought, we can cite LiuE of Confucian criticism as an example to illustrate the LaoCan travel notes, the TaiGu on the other side of the thought. When the song ShenZiPing mentioned truth , to, the Lord and, with sincerity, by holding the hand of the ShenZiPing,  gu FaShu a comment to attack the neo-confucianism in the song dynasty, li comprehensively to save idea. She thought for the oppression of the licensee is a violation of human nature and the ancient sages for love or to the view in the poetry big preface of hair on the sentiment, is the etiquette the most clear expression;She even pointed to the song with SongRuZhe or heel for XiangYuan. (the LaoCan travel notes, pp. 81-82) that the talk, in some level, can be considered for the song dynasty has orthodox Confucianism positive attack. And the meanings of this actually quite obvious button in the doctrine of the school should be TaiGu. The king's Sunglasses TaiGu school of thought in seeks after induction, think TaiGu school main Daniel XueZa knead FoLao primarily, but in the process of development obviously have with the song as the center gradually turning to the tendency of song : in the weeks TaiGu in the mind of a SongXueJiang jinggong xinxue, but because of the heavy practice so also ChongYang Ming unity of knowledge, saidThe second generation of the ideas in the north of zhang is Coach sunglass onsale 100song Yang Ming and learn and heavy, but in the southern LiQingFeng (light Xin), the song, and shallow taste jinggong xinxue taste heavy;By the third generation disciple HuangBao years, LiuEShi, the fierce criticism SongRuZhong out of the licensee point of view. LiuE LiGuangXin is the DiChuan disciple,  gu and ShenZiPing dialogue quite understand will LiuE the song tendency shows.From the above discussion, we generally see LiuE except pu song-ling in its general as since he did, in the works real-life, will be personal to oneself of age in the subjective impressions environment, extremely understand show outside, in his works, we also give an example in the LiuE works, although still with LaoCan as the other (other), or if the harootunian said alter ego is to present self (self/ego), but in essence this a self and other to a large extent is almost overlapping.

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