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 This one to watch the self skills, whether in traditional Chinese or western autobiographic tradition is the common. Such as China since ancient times has to on, the condition to self expression way. James Olney discussed in western autobiography also mentioned that a similar technique:Self by creating and project an analogy to express themselves, and by this parable to us understand this a self. But in the past self and now the self that is not the same, and we now self through metaphor know of self is not the same. We could not see or touch the self, but we can see and touch to see the parable. So we are through metaphor or parable of the present processcoach outlet store online itself and learn about self, whether its activities or its agent.Besides, as we see in mentioned, LiuE is actually quite understand his life, also, thoughts are written to work....... No matter be the ZiChuanShi or Olney metaphor (metaphoric) expression, we all no doubt see LiuE individual/subjective face in the LaoCan travel < the real-life > or in this paper show. LaoCan travel notes, not only is used to record the objective reality (reality), such as travel course and handling the situation, and is used to express the author presents the idea of subjective, emotion, the mood, spirit visual (vision), such as the dream for the first time.Four, travel stories lyrical, subjective expression mode and the rise of new narrative modeWe mentioned above of Chinese literature is the lyric, especially the poetry, the genre's diaries, and other important expression mode, and also contains a lyric socialist personal/subjective factors in it. In this section we can discuss further LiuE in the LaoCan travel notes in describing the lyric narratives performance and the LaoCan travel notes in the overall narrative expression patterns showed subjective change development.When hu shi first in < LaoCan travel sequence > to praise LiuE description skills, mentioned the noCoach Alexandra Bag matter who write, the author describes the refused to use the east-west platitudes, always want to rong cast new, do a description of the field. At this point, this book can be unprecedented. it when the author was trying to emerge a cliche, don't want to be and, in the meantime, quite extent have is a kind of individualism type stance (individualistic stance) performance. But we're here to emphasize that the LiuE described in the present lyrical feel and lasting appeal. For example, in one LiuE daming lake described in the main a, is not only do not fallAggressive Darkkhaki Free Shipping convention platitudes, and is more in the novel lyric rare part:The iron in male, before looking toward the south, see opposite the main, the Vatican yu monk building, and the pines cyproess and winding mountains, on alternate with, the fiery red, white, white, green indigo, and the green of the dark green;The more one plant half strains of the Dan maple caught in the inside, seems to take zhao li a large picture of a frame of the dozens of long screen. Is admiration and suddenly listen to sing with a fishing, look down, who know that kunming has the air with a mirror general. The main reflection of the moon in the lake, appear clearly. The LouTai more glorious trees, think of a main than above even good-looking, but also know. Is it the southern shore of lake, go up is the streets, but have a layer of the reed, MiMi cover. Now is the flowering, a piece of white flowers with the setting moon moisture vapor, like a pink blankets, do the two mountains and the cushion, really JiJue!(page 13)Read the description of this, I'm afraid most readers all want to think oneself already involved in scenery.

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